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Blue Reef Chromis Damsel Fish - Chromis cyaneus - Blue Chromis Damselfish

Blue Reef Chromis Damsel Fish - Chromis cyaneus - Blue Chromis Damselfish
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55 Gallon
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5.1 inches
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Omnivore, Brine
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The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish also known as Blue Chromis is a member of the damselfishes and given their hardy nature they can be a good choice for a saltwater beginner. In fact, many hobbyists use them to cycle new tank. The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish are a brilliant blue color with a black outline along the bottom of the dorsal fin and around the caudal fin.

The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish is not aggressive and one of the qualities that make this damsel somewhat unique to in the pet trade is its tendency to school tightly if there are a number of these damselfish in the same aquarium system. This is especially attractive in larger aquariums where a school(shoals) of 10 to 20 of these fish move around the aquarium in tight formation. These are very active fish species.

The Blue Reef Chromis should do well in most tank setups, but need not to keep them with overly aggressive tank mates or fish large enough to eat them. Keeping them in a small school will be fine. A pecking order is noticed developed among the Blue Reef Chromis school and that is their normal behavior.

The Blue Chromis is sometimes sold as a "dither fish" because it is out in the open so much and it makes the shy fish in your tank more at ease. The high quality water is necessary for their survival. The temperature should range between 75F to 78F,specific gravity should be between 1.020 and 1.025 and pH from 8.1 to 8.4.

The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish seem to be fairly disease resistant but they still need proper pre-cautions and a quarantine tank before introducing them into main tank..

The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish are found in oceanic areas of western atlantic and carribean oceanic region. This species ranges from Bermuda and Florida into Texas in the Gulf of Mexico and south to Venezuela.

General Size Specifications: The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish is a medium blue damsel, trimmed with darker blue. These fishes are usually easy to care and are found in length of upto 5 inches. There life span is five years or longer.

Minimum Tank Size: A minimum 0f 30 gallons tank size is needed The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish need a small school (shoal) and good water conditions for breeding. Live foods are given to them before mating. Male build nest in the sand and court various females. The male will then watch the eggs until they hatch a few days later.

Feeding and Diet: The Blue Reef Chromis Damselfish eat zooplankton in the wild and will accept most types of marine fish food including frozen, freeze dried, vitamin enriched flakes and live foods. Give them a variety of foods for optimal coloration.

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