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Forstens Tortoise (Adult) - Indotestudo forsteni

Forstens Tortoise (Adult) - Indotestudo forsteni
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Indonesian Islands of Sulawasi and Halmahera
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Indotestudo forstenii, commonly known as Forstenís Tortoise, the High Yellow Forstenís Tortoise or Celebes Tortoise, is a medium sized tortoise generally 10 inches long and yellowish in color, as it is obvious by the name. The carapace may vary from caramel with black splodges to all black. High Yellow Forstenís Tortoise acquires smooth shell. Large scales coat the anterior parts of the front legs, while the hind legs lack this protection. The unarmed skin of this species is gray to yellow. The large solid black eyes provide them with special ability of seeing well in their chosen low light locale. Adults are often puzzled with lengthened tortoise. Indotestudo forstenii is a shy and secretive group which is usually unaggressive towards each other but while mating male Indotestudo forstenii engage in aggressive courtship behaviour. They spend the complete mid-day in hiding. Mornings and evenings are their most active period during the warm months. The long tails and narrower shape help distinguish between male and female High Yellow Forstenís Tortoise. The tip of the tail is tipped with a small keratinous hook. They also have a more concave plastron whereas the femalesí plastron is completely flat. Breeding season brings a visible change in theIndotestudo forstenii as their yellowish head develops a pinkish hint around the eyes. Earlier Travancore tortoise and High Yellow Forstenís Tortoise were considered to be the same breed but now are recognized as two different species.

High Yellow Forstenís Tortoise Habitat

The High Yellow Forstenís Tortoise is mainly found in the moist and damp forests of the Indonesian Islands of Sulwasi and Halmahera. Heavily planted enclosure with heavily shaded areas is preferable as their artificial habitat. Turtle table is the most common indoor accommodation for Forstenís Tortoise, although as the tortoise grows, the size of the habitat should be upgraded up to 120 cm by 120 cm. Extreme weathers are not suitable and temperature should be varied between 60-95 degrees Fahrenheit. Shallow water dishes of pools to marinate and drink are wishful. Overgrown habitat with dimmer light is what makes them comfortable. A 100W spot lamp should also be placed in their habitat as it provides artificial basking facilities. A basking spot of 90 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient. A source of UVB is also necessary for Vitamin D3 syntheses so make sure the aquarium is equipped with a full spectrum luminous light.

High Yellow Forstenís Tortoise Diet

Forstenís Tortoise is omnivoreand live on a diet which consists of fruits, leafy green vegetables, and various kinds of worms like earthworms, snails and slugs and insects. High Yellow Forstenís Tortoises have a strong like for yellow food items such as corns and dandelions. For appropriate growth additional calcium supplement is highly suggested. A mixed diet, high in calcium and protein ensure a healthy life. Small amount of meat sources also prove useful but should not be fed on a regular basis.

Newly imported Indotestudo forstenii consistently need medical care as they tend to fall sick and die easily, without giving any symptoms. Though requires more attention, Indotestudo forstenii is a beautiful tortoise to keep.

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