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Green Lace Gorgonia - Gorgonia species - Sea Rod - Sea Whip - Sea Blade

Green Lace Gorgonia - Gorgonia species - Sea Rod - Sea Whip - Sea Blade
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Carnivore, Plankton
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Green Lace Gorgonia is an interesting addition to a marine aquarium. It is a good pick for intermediate experts onwards. Also, better introduce a Green Lace Gorgonia in an already established marine aquarium.

Other names: Green Lace Gorgonia belongs to the Family Gorgoniidae and the Genus Gorgonia. The scientific name of Green Lace Gorgonia is Gorgonia species. Green Lace Gorgonia is also called as Gorgonia, Green Sea Blade, Sea Rod, Green Sea Whip and Yellow Sea Blade.

Coral Type: Green Lace Gorgonia is a Hard Coral of Gorgonia type.

Origin or natural range: Green Lace Gorgonia originates from the Indo-Pacific region, the Atlantic region and the Caribbean region.

Color: Green Lace Gorgonia occurs in green, brown, tan, gold, orange, purple, red and Kakhi colors.

Morphology: Green Lace Gorgonia has a branched structure. The branches of Green lace Gorgonia have a soft outer covering of a tissue called coenenchyme. The Gorgonia species has branches that are flat and resemble a blade. Green Lace Gorgonia has a hard body structure of calcite and Gorgonin, a hard protein. Green Lace Gorgonia has numerous small sized colonial polyps in a mesh like skeleton made of Gorgonin protein.

Compatibility: Green Lace Gorgonia is non-aggressive towards the other marine aquarium invertebrates.

Growth environment in your marine aquarium:

Please ensure the following conditions in your reef aquarium for the growth of Green Lace Gorgonia:

  • Temperature: Green Lace Gorgonia requires a temperature range of seventy-two to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Specific gravity: Your aquarium water must have a specific gravity between 1.023 and 1.025.
  • pH: The pH value of marine aquarium water must read within the range of 8.1 to 8.4.
  • Illumination: Your marine aquarium hosting Green Lace Gorgonia requires a high intensity of light.
  • Water flow in the aquarium: Maintain a strong flow of water in your marine aquarium. Moderate to strong water current, constant or intermittent, helps curb the growth of algae and cyanobacteria on the Green Lace Gorgonia. Also, frequently change the water in your marine aquarium.
  • Marine aquarium habit & habitat: You can place Green Lace Gorgonia anywhere in your marine aquarium but, at a distance from the other corals and anemones therein. Generally, Green Lace Gorgonia is hooked by its base to a Live Rock by the means of an underwater glue or gel.
  • Feeding & Nutrition: Green Lace Gorgonia is Carnivorous in its feeding habits. It, however, chiefly derives its nutrition through photosynthesis being performed by zooxanthellae, a photosynthetic alga living symbiotically within Green Lace Gorgonia. The Gorgonia species may also filter feed, a few times every week when open, upon acellular marine invertebrates, baby brine shrimp, meaty bits, zooplankton and phytoplankton. Supplement the diet of Green Lace Gorgonia with Calcium, Strontium, Iodine and trace elements.
  • Green Lace Gorgonia requires moderate care.
  • Algae or cyanobacteria may begin to grow over the surface of Green Lace Gorgonia which may damage the tissues of coral. Give moderate to strong water current to Green Lace Gorgonia to prevent this micro growth. If still the growth happens then remove Green Lace Gorgonia from the coral. Put the coral dipped in fresh water for a minute and then rub it gently with a soft brush to remove the micro growth.
  • Ensure that there are no free floating algae or hair algae in the marine aquarium water as these may get entangled into the mesh like structure of Green Lace Gorgonia and may damage it.
  • Do not expose Green Lace Gorgonia to air.

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