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Geyri Red Uromastyx - Uromastyx geyri

Geyri Red Uromastyx - Uromastyx geyri
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North Africa
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Geyri Red Uromastyx is a small, slender species for the genus, with an average length of around 34 cm. This lizard is usually beige or orange with lighter spots. They are one of the brightest colored species ofUromastyx, colors of this genus are the "Red" geyri and "Yellow" geyri, color being their only difference. The red phase often being nearly solid reddish to neon pumpkin orange with the yellow in or near a neon-range. Females are a more pale color than the males, showing more tan variations of the coloring and much less belly coloring as well as less vivid patterns, most females having a simple "freckling" on the back. Saharans are a medium sized species, many averaging 11"-14" in length, and weighing 250+ grams as adults.

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