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Macneill's Basslet - Assessor macneilli - Blue Assessor Basslet

Macneill's Basslet - Assessor macneilli - Blue Assessor Basslet
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Aquarium suitability:
Care level:
Minimum tank size:
20 Gallon
Maximum size:
2.4 inches
Reef compatibility:
Carnivore, Feeder Shrimp, Pellet
Western Pacific
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Small 1" - 2"
Medium 3" - 4"
Large 5" - 6"
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Macneill's Basslet - Assessor macneilli: The Macneils Basslet is the most reef safe and peaceful fish in the industry. It is more likely harassed than the one causing the harassment. This fish prefers overhangs and caves. Will often be seen hanging around upside down against walls, overhangs and caves. Prefers less light and may come out more after the bright day lights turn off. This fish is happiest in a very peaceful reef setting without any large fish.

Maximum Size: The Macneill Angelfish up to 4 inches. General Size Specifications: This fish will come to you generally around 2 - 3 inches.

Minimum Tank Size Suggested: The Macneill's Basslet prefers a tank of at least 20 gallons with plenty of places to hide & swim.

Water Conditions: Keep water quality high (SG 1.020 - 1.025, pH 8.1 - 8.4, Temp. 72 - 78° F).

Habitat: Macneill Basslet are found near Australia

Feeding and Diet: As a carnivore, the MacNeill’s Basslet will thrive on a diet of meaty foods such as finely chopped fresh or frozen marine fish, squid, mysid shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, and frozen carnivore preparations. Feed at least twice a day

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