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Pebble Butterfly Fish - Chaetodon guttatissimus - Pebble Butterflyfish - Many Banded Butterfly - Multi-Banded Butterfly

Pebble Butterfly Fish - Chaetodon guttatissimus - Pebble Butterflyfish - Many Banded Butterfly - Multi-Banded Butterfly
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Aquarium suitability:
Care level:
Minimum tank size:
55 Gallon
Maximum size:
5 inches
Reef compatibility:
Omnivore, Brine
Indian Ocean, Red Sea
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Small 2" - 3"
Medium 3" - 4"
Large 4" - 5"
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The Pebbled Butterfly is not a very colorful fish compared to most Butterfly Fishes. Its body is a white, creamy color marked with five or six tan vertical bands, one of which is black or darker brown that runs through the eye. The body is also covered with many small spots, some organized in horizontal and vertical rows. Its eye is yellow in color and the tip of the caudal fin is marked with a black band. The base of the tail also has a reddish/rust colored band.

It is one of the Butterfly Fishes that is less sensitive compared to most other fish in the Butterfly Fish Family and even though it is not very colorful, it makes a nice addition to an aquarium. It is a fish that beginning level aquarists can care for once your biological cycle has been established and your tank is settled in.

Social Behaviors: Found alone, in pairs, or in small groups. This fish likes company of its own kind.

Maximum Size: Pebbled Butterfly can grow to 20 cm (8 inches).

General Size Specifications: The small size will come to you generally 1 to 2 inches; the medium generally 3 to 4 inches; the large generally 5 to 6 inches not including the caudal fin.

Minimum Tank Size: A minimum 55 gallon aquarium is recommended.

Water Conditions: Keep water quality high (SG 1.020 - 1.025, pH 8.1 - 8.4, Temp. 72 - 78 F).

Habitat: Pebble Butterfly Fish limited to the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Atoll in the east-central Pacific.

Feeding and Diet: Pebble Butterfly is a coral polyp eater, but it is one Butterfly Fish that we find that will adapt to tank life easily. Within a few days of collecting them we can get them to eat basic flake food to start with and then Nori, dried shrimp and other basic tank fed foods.

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