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Princess Parrotfish - Scarus teaniopterus - Princess Green Parrot Fish

Princess Parrotfish - Scarus teaniopterus - Princess Green Parrot Fish
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Aquarium suitability:
Care level:
Minimum tank size:
135 Gallon
Maximum size:
13.8 inches
Reef compatibility:
Yes, with Caution
Omnivore, Meaty
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Small 1.5" - 3"
Medium 3" - 5"
Large 5" - 8"
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The Princess Parrotfish is one of the most colourful fishes in the marine aquatic world. The body has a bright blue colour with bright pink or orange stripes running over the fins. Its face has dark blue or green stripes crisscrossing over the cheeks fro nose across the eyes. The pectoral fin has a bright yellow spot over it. Its tail has a pinkish border. They have powerful jaws and sharp teeth. They are often found crunching their teeth on corals to make the teeth sharper. Its teeth have been fused together and form a parrot’s beak like structure. Therefore, they are named as parrotfish.

Princess Parrotfish are extremely shy and they roam in schools near the reef. Eagle Ray Roundup is a reef located at near Little Cayman Island. This Eagle Ray Roundup is a reef and corals grow in abundance near the reef. Princess Parrotfish is found roaming in schools near this area. This species is very peaceful and the care level needed in captivity is very easy to achieve. As far as the reproduction process goes- they are egg spawners.

Maximum Size: This species can grow up to 13 inches in length.

General Size: This species of hogfish is about 8-10 inches in length.

Minimum Tank Size Suggested: The water holding capacity of the tank must be a minimum of 90 gallons.

Tank Conditions: The Princess Parrotfish should ideally be kept in temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ph balance of the water should also be maintained between 8.1 and 8.4 as they prefer alkaline content of the water to be high. The specific gravity should be maintained ideally between 1.020-1.025. The tank must have lots of rocks to enable them to hide. However, there should not be any corals in it, as corals are eaten by this species of parrotfish.

Habitat: Princess Parrotfish is mainly found in the Western Atlantic region, more specifically, in Bermuda, Southern Florida. In the Caribbean, this species is found concentrated in the Bahamas to Brazil.

Feeding and Diet:
Princess Parrotfish mainly lives on algae and coral polyps. Their beaks are used to extract algae and polyps from coral and rocks. However, while scraping food from the rocks, a lot of limestone is also consumed. That is why they excrete a lot of sand.

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