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Serrated Hinge Backed Tortoises - Kinixys erosa - Erosas Tortoises

Serrated Hinge Backed Tortoises - Kinixys erosa - Erosas Tortoises
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The Kinixys erosa or the Serrated Hinge Back tortoise is referred by many names such as Eroded hinge-back, Rosy hinge-back and Schweigger hingeback, but most commonly as Erosas. It is a species of turtle in the Testudinidae family and the largest of all the Hinge-backed tortoises.It reaches up to 15 inches carapace length. They are capable of shutting themselves completely within their shell. The hinge at the back of their carapace locks them in the shell keeping them safe from predators. Kinixys erosa have a slightly concave carapacethat can be reddish-brown or yellow in color. The legs of the eroded hingeback tortoise are more slim and willowy than most other tortoise giving them a strange walk. Their head is rounded and the tail has a distinctive claw like lump at the tip. Serrated Hinge Back tortoise owes their great swimming skills to the extra-long limbs. There are visible distinctive features which separate male Serrated Hinge Back tortoise from females. The females are gifted with heavier and longer tails. The male is narrower while femaleis perfectlyoval androunded. Males are more active and fierce when it comes to mating activity which runs throughout the year, almost similar to Testudo Hermanni. Females can lay up to 4 eggs on the ground. Before reproducing they make a bed of leaves on the ground.

Serrated Hinge-Back Tortoise Habitat

Serrated hinge-back tortoises are found in humid areas and rainforests. It is found in damp places like Angola, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Nigeriaand Guinea etc. They prefer to spendmost of its time hidden under roots and logs. Kinixys erosa are not ideal for beginner hobbyists as they are neither easy to find nor easy to keep. A 4x4 feet 200 gallon water tank is recommended. To build an artificial habitat one needs to keep Forest hinge-backed tortoises between 85-90 degrees during the day and the temperature can drop to 70 at night. Obviously, humidity is an important factor and it should be maintained between 70 to 80%. The cage can be misted daily with water to keep the terrarium moist. UVB lighting should be fitted over thebasking as it provides Vitamin D3 which enables the tortoise to metabolize the appropriate amounts of calcium. Change UVB light every 6-8 months. The terrarium should be big enough to allow the tortoise to move freely. Plenty of fittings and aquarium decoration should be used to give it ample hiding spots. Some type of bark or Zoo Medsí Eco Earth would provide best bedding. The water tank should be cleaned several times a week. Left-over food or fecal matter can lead to infections and diseases. The water should be filtered at regular intervals.

Serrated Hinge-Back Tortoise Diet

Forest hinge-backed tortoises are omnivores. Their favorite food items consist of earthworms, snails, crickets etc. As for plant matter tomatoes, lettuce, melon, pepper etc. A mixed diet will ensure proper growth and health and it should be provided five to seven times per week. In many parts of the world, Serrated Hinge-Back is eaten as delicacy and eventually will be endangered.

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