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Egyptian Flower Racer Snakes - Platyceps florulentus

Egyptian Flower Racer Snakes - Platyceps florulentus
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Frozen/thawed rodents
Northeast Africa, from Egypt
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The flowered racer (Platyceps florulentus) is a moderately sized snake with a slender body and long snout. The upper surface of its body is greyish-brown, usually patterned along its length with a series of darker brown bars and spots. The pattern fades towards the tail.

The upper surface of the flowered racerís head usually has symmetrical dark markings, sometimes edged with white, but in some individuals it may be a uniform olive colour. There is a dark band below each eye, and the scales around the mouth are yellowish, usually with blackish centres. The underside of the flowered racer is yellowish or red, with a dark spot at the end of each scale.

Juvenile flowered racers have more distinct markings than the adults. Some adult flowered racers can appear uniform brown, with an absence of dark markings.

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