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Asian Leaf Turtle - Cyclemys dentata

Asian Leaf Turtle - Cyclemys dentata
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Omnivorous, eating anything that fits into its jaws
Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and the Philippines
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Cyclemis Dentata often referred to as the “Asian Leaf Turtle” is found is Southeast Asia and India. Its Carapace is auburn ‘dried leaf-like’ and might vary from perfect oval to elongated oval shapes with patterns of black coloration. The plastron is the same shade of brown and the same patterns of black. It has a characteristic yellow throat, striped neck and speckled head. The Asian Leaf Turtles are known to be temperamental and great pets. They recognize their keepers quickly and are very friendly. Juveniles spend most of their time underwater and as they grow up they prefer to stay on land. The Asian Leaf Turtle is also known for its tendency to hide and if you are planning on keeping it in a natural pond you will have a tough time trying to find it.

Asian Leaf Turtles Habitat

The Cyclemis Dedanta requires an aqua-vivarium environment that has 50% land and 50% water. The Asian Leaf turtles are a very sensitive species and are greatly affected by their environment. The aquarium should be routinely cleaned and water should be regularly filtered. Higher levels of ammonia and chlorine can cause severe illness. The water temperature should be maintained between 68 degrees F to 75 degrees F. Unlike other turtles the Asian Leaf turtles don’t need high intensity light or warmer basking area. They are suited for colder temperature ranges and rarely bask. However a basking area should be provided with temperature around 90 degrees F. Hatchlings and juveniles prefer to stay, prey and eat in water and adult turtles would like to spend some time on land. A UVB full spectrum light is recommended in all turtle aquariums to help them synthesis Vitamin D.

The Asian Leaf turtles grow up to a length of 10 inches. A 20 gallon water tank is sufficient for hatchlings but an adult needs more space and a 50 gallon water tank would suffice. Natural or artificial aquatic plants should be placed within the aqua-vivarium to give them a sense of security. If the land area is ample, the Asian Leaf turtles would dig and hide in the substrate. It is essential to keep the aquarium clean. Leftover food and feces should be scooped regularly, the filter should be cleaned on regular intervals and the water volume should be replaced atleast once every week.

Asian Leaf Turtle Diet

The Cyclemis Dentata are omnivores and eat everything from apples, figs, spinach, fruits, fish mollusks and crustaceans. The Asian Leaf turtles are scavengers too and very often feed on carrion. While in captivity the keepers should take care of all these natural habits and tendencies. Obesity is a very common health problem in these turtles and they should not be overfed. Hatchlings and growing turtles should be fed daily and adults should be fed only twice a week. Additional calcium and vitamin supplements are essential if the diet is not adequate.

The Asian Leaf Turtles are very sensitive and negligence on the keeper’s part can be fatal to them. However if proper care is taken this breed can survive for 60-70 years.

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