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Chinese Golden Thread Turtles - Ocadia sinensis - Chinese Stripe Necked Turtle

Chinese Golden Thread Turtles - Ocadia sinensis - Chinese Stripe Necked Turtle
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Omnivorous, eating anything that fits into its jaws
Southern China, Taiwan and North Vietnam
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Ocadia Sinensis or The Chinese Golden Thread Turtle, a.k.a. Chinese Stripe-necked turtle is a species if turtle found in China, Taiwan, northern and central Vietnam and Laos. They have dark olive-green skin with golden highlights on the neck and head. Their muddy brown shell is also highlighted around the edges. The Chinese Golden Thread Turtle are the most popular pet turtle sold in Asia and their popularity in North America and Europe is rapidly increasing. The Chinese Golden Turtle are normally timid and docile, however over time they are known be so comfortable as to know when it is being called and answer the call.

Chinese Golden Thread Turtle Habitat

The Chinese Golden Turtle is found in slow moving streams and rivers and often in ponds. The Chinese Golden Thread Turtles live a long life that may span up to 50-60 years. Over the span of their life they can grow up to 10 inches. For hatchlings a 20 gallon water tank is recommended and as the turtle grows the size of the water tank should be increased. A full grown turtle requires a 55 gallon water tank and if you are considering a pair you would need a 90 gallon tank. It is recommended that you buy a full size tank and upgrade the water level, coral bed and basking area as your Chinese Golden Turtle grows in size. The aquarium should be have 15% land and 85% water. The basking area should be built so as to provide the turtle with three levels of habitat.

  • Level 1 - Golden Thread Turtle is completely immersed in the water and has enough space to swim freely
    • Level 2 - The turtle should have a shallow resting space where it can stay in water but keep its head out of it
      • Level 3 - The turtle should be completely out of water on a dry and warm surface.

      The ideal water temperature for Chinese Golden Thread turtles is around 75-82 degrees F and the ideal basking temperature is 80-85 degrees F. If the water and air are not warm enough it might lead to respiratory diseases and fungal infections. The Ocadia Sinensis need atleast 12 hours of UVB exposure. If you can provide direct natural sunlight, that would help your Chinese Golden Turtles a lot in Vitamin D synthesis. If you canít, it is advised to place a UVB bulb in the tank. The Ocadia Sinensis very frequently suffer from Metabolic Bone Disease, which results from a lack of proper lighting in the aquarium.

      Chinese Golden Thread Turtle Diet

      The Ocadia Sinensis are a greedy lot and become excited at the sight of food. They would swim to the surface and greet the owner excitedly. At times they are so excited they might bite fingers accidentally. The Chinese Golden Turtles are mostly omnivores; however, the adults tend to be more herbivore and the hatchlings more carnivores. The Chinese Golden Thread turtles enjoy both live and dead meat, insects, mollusks, pepper, lettuce, strawberry, grapes and plum. Most golden turtles are not choosy and gobble everything with equal delight.

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