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Cagle's Map Turtle - Graptemys caglei - Cagle Map Turtle

Cagle's Map Turtle - Graptemys caglei - Cagle Map Turtle
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The Graptemys caglei or the Cagle’s Map Turtle is a species of pond turtles endemic to Guadalupe, San Marcos and San Antonio Rivers. Isolated groups have moved and inhabit many tributaries and water bodies along the course of these rivers. Map turtles are some of the prettiest turtle families and make a very good pet and aquarium decoration. The Cagle’s Map Turtle are smaller map turtles with features almost similar to their larger siblings. They have a green or olive colored carapace that has intricate designs of darker green and yellow that resembles a map. Every scute has its own design that contributes to the complete pattern on the carapace. The carapace is serrated and the vertebral scutes fold outward into saw like ragged keel. The tips of the keels are darker green or black and are more prominent in hatchlings and male adults. The plastron is yellowish and unhinged with pigmented rims. Females are larger than the males and grow up to 7 inches. The rest of their body is usually darker with yellow patterns and stripes. The head and the throat have greater concentration of patterns and the limbs are only striped. They are narrow headed and the face looks like a smiley.

The Cagle’s Map Turtle Habitat

The Cagle’s Map Turtle has a relatively smaller range than other map turtles. It is endemic to the rivers Guadalupe, San Antonio and San Marcos and streams and creeks and tributaries that extend from these rivers. They prefer fresh water bodies with a limestone or muddy bottom. For every single male adult Cagle’s Map turtle a 30 gallon water tank is recommended. Female turtles need larger water tanks. However, these are just minimum requirements a larger water tank would always be an advantage to both you and your turtles. Larger water volume ensures free movement and swimming space. It becomes easier to clean the tank and help filtration. The tank should be as deep as possible. You can use sand or gravel as substrate and plant plenty of plants both artificial and real. The Graptemys caglei are a very shy species of turtle. The plants offer shelter and cover. For every additional turtle upgrade your aquarium by 20-30 gallons. If affordability is an issue you can even go for stock rubber tanks. The Cagle’s Map Turtle is a basking turtle and a dry and warm basking area is utterly important. A heating lamp paired with a UVB light should be fitted over the basking platform such that the basking temperature is around 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit. The UVB light is an alternative to natural sunlight and would help them synthesize their daily requirement of Vitamin D.

The Cagle’s Map Turtle Diet

The Cagle’s Map turtle are omnivores with greater carnivorous tendencies in wild. However, the Graptemys caglei bred in captivity eat plant matter with equal interest as flesh. You can feed them small fish such as guppies, goldfish, crustaceans, crayfish, crickets, other aquatic insects, earthworm and blood worm. You can also feed them cabbage and other leafy vegetables. Additional dose of vitamins and calcium is always advised to compensate for any lack of nutrients in their food.

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