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Mississippi Map Turtles - Graptemys pseudogegraphica kohnii - Mississippi Turtles

Mississippi Map Turtles - Graptemys pseudogegraphica kohnii - Mississippi Turtles
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The Graptemys pseudogeographica kohni or the Mississippi Map turtle is endemic to the Mississippi river valley extending from Illinois, Nebraska to the Gulf States and Texas. It is found in the tributaries, trenches, streams and marshes that extend from the Mississippi River. They prefer slow flowing water with dense aquatic vegetation. The most distinctive feature of the Mississippi Map turtle is the medial keel that runs across the center of its carapace. The keel is saw-like and ends in black tipped knobs. The rear end of the carapace is serrated. The color of the carapace is usually olive but in some cases it might grow darker brown. The carapace has intricate map like patterns of yellow or lighter brown on each scute. Older turtles lose these patterns under layers of algae. The color of the plastron varies from tan to yellow. Adolescents have darker plastron that fades as the turtle matures and ages. In some turtles the plastron might show dark blotches or patterns. The head of the Mississippi turtle is its most distinctive feature. There is a pair of curved lines on both sides of its head that originates at the snout, passes through the eyes and ends at its throat. Another stripe runs medially from the snout passing between the brows and ends where the carapace begins. Unlike a few other map turtles, the Mississippi turtle has a distinct round ‘unbroken’ iris. The Graptemys pseudogeographica kohni is a species of small turtles. The males are only 3.inches in carapace length and the females grow up to 5 inches.

The Mississippi Map Turtle Habitat

The Mississippi Map Turtle are endemic to the fresh water bodies of Illinois, Nebraska, Gulf States, Mississippi and Texas. They prefer to live in streams, lakes, pond, creeks and trenches that originate from or are present in proximity of the Mississippi River. Dense vegetation offers a safe environment to them. For one adult male a 75-90 gallon water tank is reccommended but a full grown 10 inches female would need atleast 125 gallon water volume. Strong and regular filtration is recommended for hygiene and an underwater heater should be used to regulate the water temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The Mississippi Map turtle are efficient swimmers and need larger volumes of water.It is important that the water is clean and non-chlorinated. You can use a raised platform a large rock or a floating piece of wood as a basking area. The basking area should be dry and large enough to completely support the turtle. A UVB light and a heating lamp should be fitted over the basking area and the temperature should be regulated between 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit. The substrate can be anything from gravels, sand or river rocks. The Mississippi Map Turtles are humble creatures that do well with other species.

The Mississippi Map Turtle Diet

The Mississippi map Turtle is omnivores. While hatchlings are mostly herbivores, the adults have more carnivorous tendencies. You can feed them an assortment of worms and insects, fish, chicken liver and chunks of meat. The Graptemys pseudogeographica kochni are easily overfed and grow up into obese adults if they diet is not balanced and regulated.

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