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Boyd Chemipure Elite Nano 3oz

Boyd Chemipure Elite Nano 3oz
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Receive all the benefits of Chemipure now with the added benefit of being able to remove all your phosphate and silicates. NO need for bulk Iron Oxide removers or spending additional money on a phosphate reactor. Chemipure Elite makes your aquarium keeping easier by being prepackaged in a nylon filter bag just rinse before adding to your aquarium and start to enjoy a more maintenance free aquarium as it helps control any nuisance algae and keeps your aquarium crystal clear! LONGER LIFE - Fish often live 3 to 4 times longer than in any other closed system fresh or marine. CONSTANT pH - Always within the safe range PROTECTS NECESSARY ORGANISMS - Allowed growth with no danger of pollution. REMOVES OFFENSIVE ODORS USE WITH REAL SEA WATER OR ARTIFICIAL REMOVES TOXIC ELEMENTS - Including Copper & Phenol REMOVES ORGANIC PARTICULATES QUICKER RESPONSES - Neurological reactions like fishes in natural habitat. GOOD FOR SALTWATER & FRESHWATER FISHES - helps all species thrive. ESPECIALLY GOOD FOR AFRICAN CICHLIDS & DISCUS CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER - Always sparkling blue-white water NO OSMOTIC SHOCK - 90% eliminated NO ION ANTAGONISM ECONOMICAL - It lasts up to 6 months

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