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Foam Filter MediaFoam Filter Media

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Lee's Filter Saver Bag 4x8in


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API Rena Filstar Filtration Foam 30 PPI 2pk


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Lee's Filter Saver Bag 4x12in


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Lee's Clover Dual-Action Foam Filter Up to 40gal


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Acurel Filter Fiber 2oz


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Acurel Filter Fiber 4oz


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EHEIM Liberty Biofoam Insert


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EHEIM Liberty Biofoam Insert


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Acurel Cut to Fit Poly Fiber Pad 10in X 18in


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EHEIM Coarse Foam Pad for 1250 Universal Pump


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EHEIM Coarse Foam for Compact Pump


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Eshopps Round Rectangular Filter Foam Small


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Acurel Filter Fiber 8oz


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Eshopps Round Rectangular Filter Foam Large 3x7


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EHEIM Coarse Filter pads for the Classic 2211


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EHEIM Coarse Foam Pad for 1060 Universal Pump


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EHEIM Filter Pad Set Aquastyle 2pc


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EHEIM Filter Cartridge for Aquaball 2208-2212


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EHEIM Fine Filter pad for the Classic 2211


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Eshopps 200 Micron Bag 4diaX13.75


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EHEIM Carbon Filter pad for the Classic 2211


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Eshopps 200 Micron Bag 7diaX17.5


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Eshopps Filter Pad for WD75 6pk


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Eshopps Rectangular 200 Micron Bag 4.5x7x14.5


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EHEIM Coarse Filter pads for Pro II 2026-28


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Eshopps Filter Pad for WD100 6pk


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EHEIM TORF pellets Chemical Filtration 1L


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Eshopps Filter Pad for WD125 6pk


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Eshopps Filter Pad for WD300 6pk


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EHEIM Carbon Pad for Pro 3e 2076 2078


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EHEIM MECH Mechanical Media 2L


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EHEIM Liberty Carbon Insert 12pc


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Boyd ChemiClean 2 grams


Boyd ChemiClean 2oz


Boyd ChemiClean 6oz


Boyd Chemipure 10oz


Boyd Chemipure 40oz


Boyd Chemipure 5oz


Boyd Chemipure Elite 11.7oz


Boyd Chemipure Elite 47oz


Boyd Chemipure Elite 5oz


EHEIM Pro 3 Ultra G Pad Set


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Foam Filter Media

An Aquarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, which encloses different type of life forms within its confines. It is therefore, important that the quality of water, its hygiene level, nutrition level, etc., all are at the desired level. Aquarium Filters are one of the steps directed towards the maintenance of an aquarium. The soul of these filters is Aquarium Filter Media, which is the actual site of filtration in a filter. One such category of Filter Media is Foam Filter Media, which due to its porosity, can filter out all or most of the tiny pieces of metabolic wastes and other water pollutants present in a Marine Aquarium. In addition, many Foam Filter Media hold beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria, which help decompose harmful Nitrites and many other Toxic Wastes present in the tank. As a result, Foam Filter Media act as Biological and Mechanical filter to clean and aerate the aquarium, thereby benefiting the quality of life therein. Fresh Marine brings to you a wide range of quintessential and effective Foam Filter Media. Some of the top sellers are discussed here.

Foam Filter Medias by Hagen.
  • Hagen Fluval Filter Foam Block. Meant for Fluval Aquarium Filters, Fluval Foam Filter Media, apart from serving as a Mechanical and Biological Filter, also prevents the waste from blocking the other media pores present in a Filter. This product is available in 104/105, 204/205, 304/305, and 404/405 2Packs. Hagen Fluval Filter Foam Block FX5 is used in Fluval FX5 Canister Filter and comes in three Packs.
  • Hagen Fluval Polishing Pads. These are ergonomically designed to fit any of the Fluval Canister Filters. These Foam Filter Media Polishing Pads are made of very thick, yet ultra fine Polyester, for holding out the miniscule waste particles present in the passing aquarium water, leaving it sparkling clear. Meant for both, Marine as well as Fresh Water Aquariums, these Polishing Pads are especially effective when the aquarium water turns cloudy or just after the tank maintenance. The 3 Packs of the Foam Filter Media fit the Fluval Canister Filter Models, 104, 105, 204, & 205; the 6 Packs fit 304, 305, 404, & 405 models; another 3 Packs fit the FX5 model of the Fluval Filters.
  • Other Foam Filter Media: Hagen Fluval Ammonia Remover Filter Media (available in 180, 1600, & 2800 Grams packs); Hagen Fluval Zero-Carb Filter Media (available in 150, 1600, & 2100 Grams packs); Hagen Fluval Lab Series Phosphate/Nitrate Remover Filter Media (150 Grams); Hagen Fluval Lab Series Opti-Carb Filter Media (175 Grams); and Hagen Fluval 1 Plus, 2 Plus, & 3 Plus Foam Inserts.

  • Foam Pre-Filter Media. As the name suggests, these are placed before the Foam Filter Media to hold out the large particles of aquarium water impurities. This prevents the fine Foam Filter Media from being clogged. Apart from Mechanical filtering, these Pre-filter Media also indulge into the Biological Filtering of Ammonia and Nitrite, due to the presence of Nitrifying Bacteria in them. This increases the work life of the actual Foam Filter Media, while the frequent water rinsing of the Pre-filter media is fine to make it permanently active. The product is compatible with Fresh as well as Marine Aquariums. Hagen Fluval Pre-filter Media by Hagen (Solid Ceramic Rings), and Foam Prefilter Replacements for Maxi-Jets by Aquarium Systems (2 Black, Coarse Foam Filter Media. Can be used in Maxi-Jet Pumps/Power Heads, Visi-Jet Protein Skimmers/Pumps, Seaclone Protein Skimmer, Quicksand Biofilters, and several Aquariums Pumps).

    Foam Filter Medias by EHEIM.
  • Eheim Ehfifix Pad Coarse Filter Media. This Mechanical Foam Filter Media Pad is made or Coarse Foam to hold out waste particles present in aquarium water. These Foam Pads are placed as Divider in between Ehfisubstrate and Ehfimech, especially in the Aquarium Zones experiencing heavy or over flow of water. Frequent cold water rinsing of the Pads makes it useable on a recurrent basis. This product is available in 1 liter and 5 liter packs. Its variant, Eheim Ehfifix Pad Fine Filter Media, is made of Phenol free Neutral Filter Wool to trap even the tiniest of dirt particles, and comes in 1 liter and 2 liter packs.
  • Eheim ECCO Canister Filter Pads. They are available as Blue colored Coarse Foam Filter Media & White colored Fine Foam Filter Media, and are meant for 2231, 2233, and 2235 EHEIM external filters. These pads come as three units per pack.
  • Eheim Liberty Replacement Filter Cartridge. This is a Bio Foam Filter Media, which supports the growth of beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria. This Cartridge fits the EHEIM filter models 2040, 2041, and 2042. Additional Bio Foam Filter Cartridges further compound the impact of this product. Cold water rinsing per 10 weeks keeps the efficiency of these Foam Filter Medias high. These Cartridges are available as two units per pack.

  • Other Foam Filter Media offered at Fresh Marine. Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges by Tetra (available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large 12 Packs Sizes. Consist of double-sided Mesh Cartridges with Ultra-Activated Aquarium Carbon), and Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) Combination Cartridges of several sizes for different filter models.

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