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Decorator Crab - Stenorhynchus species

Decorator Crab - Stenorhynchus species
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Taxonomy: Decorator Crab belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Crustacea, Family Majidae and Genus Stenorhynchus.

Scientific names: The scientific name of Decorator Crab is Stenorhynchus species.

Other common names: Decorator Crab is also commonly known as Decorator Arrow Crab, Spider Crab.

Origin or natural range: The Stenorhynchus species is found in the Caribbean Sea, the Indo-Pacific region, Eastern Africa, the Eastern Atlantic Ocean and California.

Size: The size of the Decorator Crab varies from six inches to ten inches with female crabs being quite smaller in size than the male crabs.

Color: The Stenorhynchus species occurs in camouflage color.

Compatibility: Decorator Crab is semi-aggressive towards the other marine aquarium invertebrates while, being quite aggressive to the other Decorator Crab.

Habit & Habitat:

  • The Stenorhynchus species is found in crevice or cave of shallow reefs in its habitat.
  • Decorator Crab lives near to Anemones so that it can always reach them for shelter, in case any predators are around.
  • The Stenorhynchus species may also seek shelter with sponges.
  • Decorator Crab is hardy.
  • As the name suggests, Decorator Crab sticks algae, rocks, corals and any other thing that blends well with its environment, on its body surface through hook like structures on its legs and on carapace which together give the crab a camouflaged look.
  • Decorator Crab has quite long and thin legs.
  • Together, the body and the head of the Stenorhynchus species resemble the shape of an arrow.
  • The eyes of Decorator Crab lack orbital cups.
  • The first segment of the antenna of the Stenorhynchus species is also very long and thin.
Breeding: Decorator Crab larvae free float in the marine water for around two weeks and then settle down to hatch.

Growth enabling environment in your marine aquarium: Your marine aquarium must meet the following specifications to give growth boosting environmental conditions to the Decorator Crab therein:

Temperature of water: The Stenorhynchus species requires the temperature of the marine aquarium to range between seventy-two and seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.

Specific gravity of water: The specific gravity of the aquarium water within 1.023 to 1.025 is ideal for Decorator Crab.

pH of water: For the benefit of the Stenorhynchus species, keep the pH scaled between 8.10 and 8.40.

Habit & habitat:
  • To keep Decorator Crab, you should have a reef type marine aquarium having hardy corals, anemones, large sized fish and crevice or small caves for the crab to hide in.
  • Donít keep the Stenorhynchus species in a marine aquarium hosting other crabs, feather dusters, tubeworms small sized and medium sized fish.
  • As Decorator Crab is very aggressive towards the other members of its own species. Therefore, better keep a mating pair of the Stenorhynchus species.
  • Decorator Anemone grows up to a size of around six inches in a marine aquarium.
  • Decorator Hormone feeds upon all the bristle worms present in the marine aquarium it is hosting.
Feeding & Nutrition: The Stenorhynchus species is Carnivorous in feeding habit and eats the frozen meaty bits of fish, clams and other seafood and detritus.

Breeding: Decorator Crab does not breed well in a marine aquarium.

Care: Decorator Crab is easy to maintain owing to its non-poisonous nature.

  • Decorator Crab disturbs the other crabs, tubeworms and feather dusters therefore, try avoiding putting all of them in the same marine aquarium.
  • In order to hook corals and sponges to its body, Decorator Crab may harm them slightly. The healthy corals and sponges will, however, soon heal up.

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