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Firefish Goby - Nemateleotris magnifica - Brownbarred Goby

Firefish Goby - Nemateleotris magnifica - Brownbarred Goby
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Aquarium suitability:
Care level:
Minimum tank size:
20 Gallon
Maximum size:
3.1 inches
Reef compatibility:
Carnivore, Meaty, Flake, Pellet
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Size Shipped Range From 1" - 3"
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The Firefish Goby is a magnificent little fish that's perfect for reef tanks. These fish have a white forebody and a "fiery" rearbody that is colored in a mix of red colors. The Firefish Goby also has an elongated first dorsal spine that "jumps" up and down. These little fish have lots of personality and should be kept in a tank with lots of rockwork. The Firefish Goby likes lots of crevices, caves, and overhangs where they can "hang" in place. These fish prefer to be kept in pairs and do well in the home aquarium.

The Firefish Goby are great for reef tanks and will accept most fish foods. These fish are also jumpers, so precautions should be taken to secure openings at the top of the aquarium.

In the wild, Firefish Goby are usually found in groups hovering over the reef, harvesting planktonic food that drifts by in the current. Each Firefish Goby will have a "bolt-hole," which it quickly ducks into when threatened. Firefish Goby have always been one of the more popular fish in the marine hobby. There are two, closely-related fish, the Flame (Purple) Firefish, N. decora and the rarely seen N. helfrichi. A beautiful addition to any peaceful reef aquarium, the Firefish Goby is quite docile and should not bother its tank-mates except for other firefish. It is best kept either singly or as a pair. They require several hiding places for it to retreat. It is advised to keep a lid on the aquarium because the Firefish Goby is likely to try to jump out.

Size: The Firefish Goby grows up to 3 inches.These fish generally will come to you 2 - 4 inches.

Tank Condition: The Firefish Goby is slightly timid but will become bolder with time. Likes plenty of places to hide and is suitable for most reef settings. This fish will fight with it's own genus and tends to jump. Hobbyists who use a halide system with an open top should construct a Plexiglas "edge" around the trim, at least 10" tall. Firefish Goby is generally not aggressive towards other fish except those of its own species; a mated pair can live peacefully. The Firefish Goby prefers moderate lighting conditions, with a moderate current passing over the reef.

Habitat: The Firefish Goby is found in the entire water region of Indo-Pacific Ocean. These extent from Sri Lanka to Maldives, Australia to Philippines and the Ryoku islands.

Feeding and Diet: Along with algae and zooplankton growing in the tank, the diet of the Firefish Goby should consist of finely chopped small crustaceans, vitamin-enriched brine fish (live or frozen), mysid shrimp, and prepared foods.

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