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Orange Shoulder Tang - Acanthurus olivaceus - Orangeshoulder Surgeonfish

Orange Shoulder Tang - Acanthurus olivaceus - Orangeshoulder Surgeonfish
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Aquarium suitability:
Care level:
Minimum tank size:
135 Gallon
Maximum size:
13.8 inches
Reef compatibility:
Herbivore, Greens, Pellet, Flake
West Pacific
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The Orange Shoulder Tang is also known as the Orange-epaulette Surgeonfish, Orangespot Surgeonfish and Orangeband Surgeonfish. An interesting characteristic of this fish is its ability to change its color in an instant. If enough room is provided, this is a rewarding animal to keep.

As a juvenile, the Orange Shoulder Tang is solid yellow, with just the slightest hint of blue fringing on the anal and dorsal fins. As an adult, the front half of the body turns light gray and the back half takes on a dark gray-blue color. Above the pectoral fins is an eye catching orange stripe that is outlined by the dark gray color. The tail takes on a lyre shape.

The Orange Shoulder Tang is usually placid community fish, forming large groups or shoals, although fiercely territorial against other tangs or similar shaped or coloured fish in a typical aquarium setting. Great care must be exercised by aquarists when handling these fishes. An encounter with even a small, frightened tang can result in stitches. Due mainly to their calm nature, such attacks on humans are rare. Aggression in Orange Shoulder Tang is usually confined to presenting their tails to a would be predator or attacker and is usually minimal against conspecifics. Most aggression however is due to territory disputes.

The Orange Shoulder Tangs are also very sensitive to disease in the home aquarium. It is usually necessary to quarantine the animals using copper sulfate or formalin for a period of around 2 weeks.

Maximum Size: The Orange Shoulder Tangs grows upto 14 inches.

General Size: This fish generally comes in size of 3 to 6 inches.

Minimum Tank Size: A 135 gallons or larger aquarium provides good environment for the Orange Shoulder Tang

Tank Conditions: The Orange Shoulder Tang should ideally be kept in temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. A pH value of 8.1 or 8.4, and a specific gravity of 1.020 to 1.025 should be maintained. In a fish only aquarium, the specific gravity should fall between 1.020 and 1.023.

Habitat: The Orange Shoulder Tang is found on the coral reefs in central and western Pacific ocean in Fiji and Hawaii Islands.

Feeding and Diet: The Orange Shoulder Tang is a herbivore and likes to eat Dried Seaweed, marine algae, mysid shrimp, Spirulina, Romaine Lettuce, fresh seaweed, and other meaty treats.

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