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Ouachita Map Turtles For Garden Ponds - Graptmys Ouachitensis - Ouachita Map Turtles

Ouachita Map Turtles For Garden Ponds - Graptmys Ouachitensis - Ouachita Map Turtles
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Easy with Proper Care
Extreme Friendly
Omnivorous, eating anything that fits into its jaws
Texas and Louisiana north to Ohio and east to Kentucky
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The Graptemys ouchitensis ouchitensisor the Ouachita Map turtle is another American Species of turtle. The Ouachita Map turtles are characterized by a blunt vertebral keel that runs medially across its carapace. The keels end into dark brown or black knobs. The carapace is brown or olive with yellow or cream swirls, patterns and coloration on each scute. Parts of the carapace have dark blotches. The patterns are roughly contoured and designed as if they were maps. The posterior rim of the carapace is serrated and jagged. The plastron is yellow and has a black roadmap pattern on its rim. Their head, throat, limbs and tail are olive with light brown or yellow patterns throughout. The Graptemys ouchitensis ouchitensis has a large rectangular or oval black blotch behind each eye. The head and throat are also covered with yellow spots. The males of the species are smaller than the females. While the males grow only up to 5 inches the females can grow larger and reach over 10 inches of carapace length. The Ouachita turtles are reccommended for beginner hobbyists for their pleasant temperament and easy upkeep. They are tiny and become fond of their keepers within a very short period of time. This is also one of the most popular choices for hobbyists who wish to keep different species in communion.

The Ouachita Map Turtle Habitat

The Ouachita Map Turtles are endemic to swift flowing rivers and deep large soft bottomed lakes in and around Texas, Louisiana, Ohio and Kentucky. They are excellent swimmers and prefer strong water currents and fast flowing streams with a profusion of aquatic vegetation. Some isolated species have also been found in backwater lakes and sloughs. For a single male a 60 gallon aquarium is reccommended females should be kept in at least 100 gallon water tank. For every additional turtle the tank should be upgraded by 50 gallons. If affordability is an issue you can go for rubber or plastic tanks. The water tank should be as large as you can afford. Larger water tanks ensure better flow and filtration of water and offer larger swimming area for freer movements. The Ouachita Map Turtles are very fond of basking and keepers should try to provide direct sunlight to assist vitamin D synthesis. In case that is not possible a UVB spectrum light should be fitted over the basking area to compensate for natural UV rays. A regular heating lamp should be fitted over the basking area and the temperature should be regulated between 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. An under water filter and heater should be fitted and the water temperature should be kept around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom can be laid with fine gravels and sand or river rocks.

The Ouachita Map Turtle Diet

The Ouachita Map Turtle is omnivore and eats both flesh and plant matter. Females consume aquatic plants and insects and worms with equal interest. The males are mostly carnivorous and always prefer to eat fish, worms and insects. Hobbyists are recommended to give them calcium and vitamin supplements mixed with their meals once or twice every week.

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