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Pink Belly Sideneck Turtles - Emydura subglobosa - PinkBelly Turtles

Pink Belly Sideneck Turtles - Emydura subglobosa - PinkBelly Turtles
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South Pacific island of New Guinea
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Emydura Subglobosa, the Pink Belly Side Neck turtle a.k.a. the Red Belly Side Neck turtle is generally found in tropical regions Australia and Papua New Guinea. As the name suggests the pink belly short neck turtles have unusually short necks and have shades of red or pink on their belly. The carapace (Shell) of the Emydura Subglobosa is grey and the plastron (Breastplate) has shades of grey and coral pink. Some highly prized and rare turtles have red or orange belly. A pink Belly side neck turtle grows to over 10 inches. Females are

Basking Turtle

The Pink Belly SideNeck Turtle have recently been introduced to the North American turtle lovers. Emydura Subglobosa is essentially aquatic and leaves water only to bask. They are basking turtles and proper basking is essential to them. Natural sunlight is always preferred, in case that is not possible a Vita-lite wide spectrum light along with a regular incandescent bulb should be placed in their basking area. Ramps or cork bark should also be placed in the aquarium to help them climb out of the water into the basking area. They can be found sun-basking first time early morning and on various occasions you will see them dragging off into water after a complete day at basking.


A Pink Bellied SideNeck Turtle has an average life span of 30-50 years. An Emydura Subglobosa hatchling measures around 1.25 inches and a full grown adult can measure 10 inches. Size and basking habits should be kept in mind while preparing an aquarium for them. Hatchlings can be kept in a 20 gallon water tank till they are 4 inches, but for every inch of growth after that, the tank size should be raised by 10 gallons. Ideal water temperature ranges from 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. If the temperature falls below this range the Pink Belly SideNeck turtles will become dormant. A submersible heater should be used if water temperature falls. They are a highly aquatic species and feel most secure under water. The tank should be deep and the substrate should resemble their natural habitat. Though these turtles are not very sensitive the tank water should not be highly chlorinated. One should follow the thumb rule that if it is safe for you to drink it is safe enough for the Pink Belly SideNeck turtles.

Pink Belly Side Neck Turtle Diet

In its natural habitat the pink belly sideneck turtle feeds on lower mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic insects. In a captive habitat these turtles gobble turtle pellets, fish, chicken livers, chicken hearts, lean beef, worms, pieces of banana, escarole, lettuce and any sea food with as much interest. Juveniles have a special charm for high protein diet. They are very adaptable and will adjust to whatever diet plan you decide for them. For the first few days they should be fed under water. Gradually when your pink bellied side necked turtle is comfortable in your presence it is a pleasure watching them eat directly from your palm.

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