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Pocillopora Coral - Pocillopora species - Cauliflower Coral - Brush Coral - Clustered Coral - Lace Coral - Warty Coral

Pocillopora Coral - Pocillopora species - Cauliflower Coral - Brush Coral - Clustered Coral - Lace Coral - Warty Coral
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Calcium, Strontium, Trace elements
Indo-Pacific, Eastern Pacific
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Taxonomy: Pocillopora Coral belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Cnidaria, Class Anthozoa, Family Pocilloporidae and Genus Pocillopora.

Scientific names: The scientific name of Pocillopora Coral is the Pocillopora species.

Other common names: Pocillopora Coral is also commonly known as Cauliflower Coral, Bowl Coral, Lacey Coral, Birdís Nest Coral, Brush Coral and Cluster Coral.

Origin or natural range: Pocillopora Coral originates in Fiji.

Size: The colonies of the Pocillopora species may measure up to a meter.

Color: Pocillopora Coral occurs in brown, tan, cream, pink and green colors and their variations.

Compatibility: The Pocillopora species is semi-aggressive towards the other marine aquarium invertebrates.

Habit & Habitat:

  • Pocillopora Coral is a rarely available colonial coral which is not found in abundance.
  • The Pocillopora species can be generally spotted in shallow waters.
  • Pocillopora Coral is nocturnal in habit and spreads itself fully at night.
  • The Pocillopora species has a cylindrical, vertically branched, calcareous skeleton which is forked at the tip of its branches.
  • In totality, the appearance of Pocillopora Coral looks bushy.
  • The surface of the Pocillopora species has numerous small concave projected pores called verrucae.
  • Pocillopora Coral has sweeper tentacles.
Growth enabling environment in your marine aquarium:
  • Temperature of water: Seventy-two to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Specific gravity of water: 1.023 to 1.025.
  • pH of water: 8.10 to 8.40.
  • Water flow in the aquarium:
  • Pocillopora Coral requires strong water current in the marine aquarium it inhabits.
  • The appearance and the growth of the Pocillopora species are contingent upon the strength of water flow in the marine aquarium hosting the coral.
  • Strong water flow results in compact branched structure while, low water flow may shape the structure of Pocillopora Coral to a thin, open and branched one.
  • Illumination:
  • The Pocillopora species needs high intensity lighting in the reef aquarium it abodes.
  • Metal Halides lighting or actinic lighting in blue color is recommended for the Pocillopora species as the color of the coral comes out striking in this light.
  • Pocillopora Coral also does fine with Power Compacts, VHO and T-5ís.
  • Habit & habitat:
  • Keep adjusting the placement of the Pocillopora species in your marine aquarium according to the needed intensity of light by the coral.
  • If you are using Metal Halides lighting, keep the coral between the middle and the low level in your tank. In case, however, you are using any other lighting, you may keep the Pocillopora Coral anywhere between the middle and the high level in your marine aquarium.
  • Give ample space to the Pocillopora species to spread itself fully unobstructed because it may sting any other coral that comes in its contact.
  • Pocillopora Coral grows rapidly and easily in a marine aquarium that meets the coralís required environmental specifications.
  • Feeding & Nutrition:
  • The Pocillopora species is Carnivorous in feeding habit and filter feeds weekly, when open.
  • Pocillopora Coral eats acellular marine invertebrates, meaty bits, zooplankton and phytoplankton.
  • Add Calcium, Iodine, Strontium and the other trace elements to the water as dietary supplements for the Pocillopora species.
  • Maintain the Calcium level in the water between 400 and 450 ppm.
  • Keep the Phosphates and the Nitrates levels in the water as low as possible.
Care: Pocillopora Coral requires moderate care.

Caution: Maintain ample distance between the Pocillopora species and the other corals in your reef tank as the Pocillopora Coral may sting the other corals if they happen to touch it.

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