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Possum Wrasse - Wetmorella sp. - Banded Possum Wrasse

Possum Wrasse - Wetmorella sp. - Banded Possum Wrasse
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The Wetmorella albofasciata is commonly known as Sharp nose Wrasse, Black-spot Pigmy Possum Wrasse or Yellow-banded Possum Wrasse. The Possum Wrasse has an elegant arrow-head like shaped body. The younger members of Possum Wrasse can be distinguished from closely resembling juveniles of Cheilinus fasciatus and Epibulus insidiator, only by the difference in the colour pattern. A young Possum Wrasse fish has white bands running over reddish or orange coloured body. As the fish grows into an adult, it has a deep rust colour. A closer look would tell us that the body is dark reddish brown or grayish brown in colour. It has blue iris with red inner rim. Pelvic fin has a large black spot that makes it more attractive, complimenting with the yellow patches at the edges.

This wrasse fish is known to change not only its body colour but also its sex. This gradual change in the body colour occurs in the different stages of its life cycle or when the fish gets frightened .Colour of the Possum Wrasse fish also changes depending on the variation in its mood. At times this strange phenomenon is also observed when this fish is sleeping, feeding or under stress. The Male Possum Wrasse fish tries to be more colourful and radiant while courting. This is done to draw the attention of female wrasse fish.

The Possum Wrasse is a medium maintenance and hardy fish. This chromate active swimmer should be introduced to a fish only aquarium. The Possum Wrasse is not poisonous and a community fish. They are known to be peace loving fish. They are absolutely reef compatible. It is advisable to have a single male Possum Wrasse fish with three or more female. The tank has to be tightly covered as they have a tendency to jump while mating or when intimidated. The Possum Wrasse fish is less prone to any infection.

Maximum Size: The Possum Wrasse fish can grow to a maximum size of only 3 inches.

General Size Specifications: This fish is relatively small and usually comes in 1 to 3 inch size.

Minimum Tank Size: The aquarium should have a minimum capacity of 30 gallons. Quality water needs to be maintained. In addition, this fish likes to have lot of light and space to swim and hide.

Habitat: Range: The Possum Wrasse fish is commonly found in Indo-Pacific region, Red Sea, Marquesan, Pitcairn islands, Great Barrier Reef and New Caledonia

Diet: Just like any wrasse fish, the Possum Wrasse is a carnivore and likes to feed on chopped meats, live feeder shrimp and worms. However, they do not eat other invertebrates in the tank.

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