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Red Headed Goby - Gobiosoma puncticulatus - RedHeaded Gobies

Red Headed Goby - Gobiosoma puncticulatus - RedHeaded Gobies
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Minimum tank size:
30 Gallon
Maximum size:
2.0 inches
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Carnivore, Meaty, Flake, Pellet
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The Red Headed Goby is an attractive small slim fish. The head being red with black line running straight from the body with one iridescent black stripe along the bottom of its body and a white belly, it is easily identified. They have a life span of about one to two years.

The Red Headed Goby is ideal first fish for the new marine hobbyists as they will pick off parasites and dead tissue from other fishes.

If you are looking for marine breed to try your hand at, the premier Red Headed Goby is a prime candidate. It has been tank-bred and reared in commercial quantities for years.

The Red Headed Goby species parents are small and may be maintained easily in a twenty gallon system. They pair and spawn readily and regularly, with demersal (bottom) eggs, and parental care.

The individual Red Headed Goby may be sexed with practice and close observation. The males are cone-shaped and pointed at the tip, the females are generally only visible near spawning and are short and rounded at the tip.

The Red Headed Goby can spawn and rear their young on most anything solid. The fry are raised on unicellular plankton. The young are fully developed in a month; which seems fast until you realize their full lifespan is but a year or two.

The Red Headed Goby is extremely hardy and a great beginner marine fish. It gets along great in a community aquarium or reef aquarium. It is very beneficial for its tank mates. It is a true cleaner goby and will pick off cryptocaryon and other parasites from them, as well as dead tissue. A prime candidate for breeding, this little fish is a ready breeder and has been bred by both hobbyists and commercially for years.

The Red Headed Goby is relatively non-aggressive, except to their own kind. They will engage in high speed chases around the tank, but these appear to be mostly harmless affairs. Each Red Headed Goby will stake out their own territory if more than one is kept in a tank. They will frequently setup a cleaning station where the larger fish will come when they want the Gobies attention. The larger fish will signal their desire to be cleaned by assuming a tilted posture, spreading their fins or with a color change as can be seen in the picture of the Achilles Tang being cleaned above.

In their natural environment, the Red Headed Goby are seen singly, in pairs, and also in groups of 30 or more. A good community fish, the Red Headed Goby are generally not aggressive except to members of their own species, unless they are a mated pair. They will set up and defend territories if there is more than one.

The Red Headed Goby is easy to keep. They can be kept in either a community fish aquarium or a reef. But as they are coral reef inhabitants, they do enjoy live rock to hide in and to feel comfortable.

Habitat: The Red Headed Goby is found in the western Central Atlantic, primarily in the coral reefs of Florida, USA and southward to Belize. They are often found in moderately shallow areas at about 40" (1 m), but they also inhabits depths down to 132 feet (40 m).

Feeding and Diet: The Red Headed Goby is carnivorous, feeding on parasitic crustacean in its natural environment. They require daily feeding and though they will get some of their nourishment from cleaning parasites off of their tank mates, this will need to be supplemented. They will readily accept small meaty foods, frozen foods, and tablets.

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