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Xmas Tree Worm Rock - Spirobranchus species - Bisma Rock - Multicolor Worms - Plume Rock - Christmas Tree Worm

Xmas Tree Worm Rock - Spirobranchus species - Bisma Rock - Multicolor Worms - Plume Rock - Christmas Tree Worm
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Xmas Tree Worm Rock - Spirobranchus species Taxonomy: Xmas Tree Worm Rock belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Annelida, Family Serpulidae and Genus Spirobranchus.

Scientific names: The scientific name of Xmas Tree Worm Rock is Spirobranchus species.

Other common names: Xmas Tree Worm Rock is also known as Christmas Tree Worm, Jewel Stone, Bisma Rock, Multicolor Worms and Plume Rock.

Origin or natural range: The Spirobranchus species is found in the tropical region including Indonesia.

Size: Xmas Tree Worm Rock may grow up to a size of one inch.

Color: The Spirobranchus species occurs in the combinations and the variations of red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, black, cream and white colors.

Compatibility: Xmas Tree Worm Rock is non-aggressive towards the other marine aquarium members.

Habit & Habitat:

  • The Spirobranchus species is always found in pairs but not in groups.
  • Xmas Tree Worm Rock lives on corals by penetrating its tube in the coral heads.
  • The Spirobranchus species is by and large sedentary in nature, that is, it does not move around much.
  • Xmas Tree Worm Rock prefers to stay in shady areas such as rock overhangs.
  • When disturbed or when required to move, the Spirobranchus species withdraws into its tube and the operculum closes.
  • Xmas Tree Worm Rock is hardy and is colorful.
  • The crown of the Spirobranchus species is spiraled and is the only visible part of the body of the worm. The rest of the body of Xmas Tree Worm Rock is hidden in the coral hosting it.
  • The diameter of the Spirobranchus species' crown may grow up to an approximate size of 0.75 inch.
  • The tube of Xmas Tree Worm Rock has an operculum which shuts as the worm withdraws in the tube along with the crown.
  • The Spirobranchus species has two heads surrounded by filamentous growth.
Growth enabling environment in your marine aquarium:
  • Temperature of water: Seventy-two to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Specific gravity of water: 1.023 to 1.025.
  • pH of water: 8.10 to 8.40.
  • Water flow in the aquarium: Xmas Tree Worm Rock requires moderate water current in the marine aquarium hosting it.
  • Illumination: The Spirobranchus species needs light in the marine aquarium it lives in.
Habit & habitat:
  • To host Xmas Tree Worm Rock, you should have a reef type marine aquarium of the minimum capacity of ten gallons.
  • You can place five to six Xmas Tree Worm Rocks per coral head.
Feeding & Nutrition:
  • The Spirobranchus species is Planktivorous in feeding habit and filter feeds upon microscopic phytoplankton and zooplankton.
  • Add liquid organic food to the water as dietary supplement for Xmas Tree Worm Rock.
  • The two filamentous heads of the Spirobranchus species spread out completely and help the worm catch its food from the water current.
Breeding: Xmas Tree Worm Rock rarely breeds in marine aquarium.

  • It is easy to maintain Xmas Tree Worm Rock owing to its non-poisonous nature.
  • High levels of Copper and Nitrates in your marine aquarium may be harmful for the health of the Spirobranchus species.
  • The specific gravity of the water needs to be maintained in the specified limits, especially when Xmas Tree Worm Rock is adapting itself to your marine aquarium's environment.

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