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Cuttlefish - Sepia aculeate - Cuttle Fish

Cuttlefish - Sepia aculeate - Cuttle Fish
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50 Gallon
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5 inches
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Cuddle fish or cuttlefish as it is popularly known is actually not a fish but a mollusk. It is a very intelligent species and belongs to the family of sea octopus and Nautiluses. It is also called the sea chameleon because of its ability to change color rapidly. Like octopus it also emits an ink like fluid when it is attacked.

It has cuttlebone which acts as a buoyancy mechanism for the animal. It enables the fish to remain at the bottom of sea or swim freely at any depth. The density of cuttlebone can be changed by pumping liquid in and out of chambers within it, thereby altering the volume of gas filled space. It is found in the areas of English channel, along the west coast of Africa to the southern tip of continent and also in the Mediterranean sea.

Physical Features:
It has eight arms and two suckered tentacles to capture food. It is usually up to 36 cm long but the giant cuttlefish can grow up to 80cm long. It usually has a Zebra like pattern.

Eating Habits:
Cuttlefish generally feeds at night on fish and crustaceans. If you are planning to buy a cuttlefish for your aquarium then keep in mind that they consume large amounts of food and should be kept in a large aquarium with highly oxygenated water and at ideal temperature.

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