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Finger Leather (soft) - Lobophytum species - Sinularia Finger Thick - Finger Leather Coral - Devil's Hand Coral

Finger Leather (soft) - Lobophytum species - Sinularia Finger Thick - Finger Leather Coral - Devil's Hand Coral
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Finger Leather (Soft) is very easy to maintain and is therefore quite a popular species among all the marine aquarium hobbyists. Even beginners can venture into maintaining Finger Leather (Soft) in their marine aquarium. The information given below may come in handy for all those interested in Finger Leather (Soft).

Taxonomy: Finger Leather (Soft) belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Cnidaria, Class Anthozoa, Order Alcyonacea, Family Alcyoniidae and Genus Lobophytum.

Other names: The scientific name of Finger Leather (Soft) is Lobophytum species. The other common names of Finger Leather (Soft) are Devilís Hand Leather, Devilís Finger Leather Coral, Cabbage Leather Coral, Sinularia Finger Thick and Lobed Leather Coral.

Origin or natural range: Finger Leather (Soft) originates in the Tropical Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in a South-East Asian country, Indonesia.

Size: Finger Leather (Soft) is average in size as compared to the other marine aquarium invertebrates.

Color: Finger Leather (Soft) is found in the colored varieties of brown, tan, yellow, green, pink and gray.

Morphology: Finger Leather (Soft) has a flat surface with many ascending fingers. Finger Leather (Soft) may vary in its appearance owing to many factors such as the marine water depth where it exists, its surroundings and the flow of water around the Lobophytum species.

Compatibility: Finger Leather (Soft) is non-aggressive towards the other invertebrate members of a marine aquarium.

Habit & Habitat: The Lobophytum species builds small colonies.

Breeding: Finger Leather (Soft) reproduces asexually by fission. Each resulting fragment then grows to an individual Finger Leather (Soft).

Growth environment in your marine aquarium: The following are the specifications for your marine aquarium to enable a healthy and growing Finger Leather (Soft) in it:

  • Temperature: The temperature range for your marine aquarium needs to be seventy-two to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Specific gravity: Maintain the specific gravity of the water in your marine aquarium between 1.023 and 1.025.
  • pH: The pH value of the water in your marine aquarium should read within the scale of 8.10 to 8.40.
  • Illumination: Finger Leather (Soft) requires medium to high lighting in the marine aquarium they are living in. The Lobophytum species receiving bright light shows bright coloration.
  • Water flow in the aquarium: Finger Leather (Soft) requires medium to strong water flow in the marine aquarium they are dwelling in. Be careful about the required water current as the Lobophytum species needs to shed its mucous coating.
  • Marine aquarium habit & habitat: You can place Finger Leather (Soft) anywhere in your marine aquarium. Finger Leather (Soft) builds small colonies and requires space to expand in your marine aquarium. Soft species of Finger Leather may secrete toxins that may be harmful for some stony corals in your marine aquarium.
  • Feeding & Nutrition: Finger Leather (Soft) derives its nutrition via photosynthesis performed by zooxanthellae, a photosynthetic alga living symbiotically within the Lobophytum species. Finger Leather (Soft) may also filter feed upon baby brine shrimp, meaty bits, zooplankton and phytoplankton. The Lobophytum species feeds many times per week when it is open. Add Strontium, Iodine and trace elements to the water as dietary supplements for Finger Leather (Soft) therein.
  • It is easy to maintain Finger Leather (Soft) in a marine aquarium.
  • Finger Leather (Soft) needs to shed off its mucous coating regularly; else the Lobophytum species may catch infection. It does so with the help of water current around it. Therefore, it is important that the required water current is maintained.
Caution: Some species of Finger Leather (Soft) secrete toxins that may be dangerous for some stony corals.

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