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Toadstool Leather - Sarcophyton species - Mushroom Sarcophyton Leather - Elegant Umbrella Leather Coral - Mushroom Leather Coral

Toadstool Leather - Sarcophyton species - Mushroom Sarcophyton Leather - Elegant Umbrella Leather Coral - Mushroom Leather Coral
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Iodine, Strontium, Trace elements
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Toadstool Leather - Sarcophyton species : Toadstool Leather is a good pick for the beginners. The only thing you need to be particular about is that your marine aquarium should be good enough in capacity as the Toadstool Leather grows big in size. The discussion given below draws your attention towards some important aspects of Toadstool Leather.

Other names: Toadstool Leather belongs to the family Alcyoniidae and Genus Sarcophyton. The scientific name of Toadstool Leather is Sarcophyton species. The specific scientific names of some species of Toadstool Leather are Sarcophyton glaucum, Sarcophyton ehrenbergi, Sarcophyton elegans and Sarcophytum trocheliophorum to name some. Toadstool Leather is also commonly called as Elegant Leather Coral, Mushroom Leather Coral, Mushroom Sarcophyton Leather, Trough Coral, Toadstool Coral, Leather Coral, Mushroom Coral and Green Crown Leather.

Coral Type: Toadstool Leather is a Soft Coral.

Origin or natural range: Toadstool Leather originates in the Indo-Pacific region of Indonesia and Tonga.

Compatibility: Toadstool Leather is non-aggressive as compared to the other marine aquarium invertebrates.

Size: Toadstool Leather is relatively large in comparison to the other marine aquarium invertebrates. Generally, Toadstool Leather grows to a height of two feet. A male Toadstool Leather is smaller in size than its female counterpart. A mature male Toadstool Leather measures 4X4X4 inches while, a fully grown up female measures 24X24X24 inches.

Color: Toadstool Leather occurs in brown, tan, cream and pink colors with brown, cream, white, yellow, gold and green colored polyps as variations.

Morphology: The Sarcophyton species has a cap called capitulum and a stalk. Toadstool Leather grows rapidly to a big size. As the Sarcophyton species grows, it gains a folded appearance.

Habit & Habitat: The Sarcophyton species lives on reef flats and lagoons in the Indo-Pacific region.

Breeding: Toadstool Leather matures sexually when it has attained its full physical growth. The males of Sarcophyton species sexually mature at the age of six to eight years while, the females mature when they are eight to ten years old. Toadstool Leather also reproduces asexually through stolons, budding and fragmentation. Toadstool Leather breeds easily and rapidly in a marine aquarium. You may mechanically propagate the Toadstool Leather by cutting its cap or crown into two which will yield two corals. For more numbers, you may further slice the cap or crown of the Toadstool Leather and then loosely hook each resulting fragment on to a Live Rock in your marine aquarium. Every sown piece then grows to become an individual Toadstool Leather.

Growth environment in your marine aquarium:

  • Temperature: Seventy-four to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Specific gravity: 1.023 to 1.025.
  • pH: 8.2 to 8.4.
  • Illumination: Toadstool Leather requires medium to intense lighting in the marine aquarium hosting it.
  • Water flow in the aquarium: Toadstool Leather needs moderate water flow in the reef aquarium they are living in.
  • Marine aquarium habit & habitat: Toadstool Leather grows rapidly into a big size. Therefore, give ample space to the Sarcophyton species to spread itself fully. You need to keep the other corals distant from Toadstool Leather also because it secretes chemical toxins that may be harmful to some corals living in your marine aquarium. Toadstool Leather moves around slowly in the reef aquarium it is kept in. Toadstool Leather occasionally sloughs off its outer waxy surface as a part of cleaning process. Keep the water flow as required to catalyze its cleaning process.
  • Feeding & Nutrition: Toadstool Leather derives its nutrition chiefly through photosynthesis performed by zooxanthellae, a photosynthetic alga that symbiotically inhabits the Toadstool Leather. The Sarcophyton species may also filter feed upon baby brine shrimp, meaty bits, acellular marine invertebrates, zooplankton and phytoplankton. Add Iodine, Strontium and trace elements to the water as dietary supplements.
Care: Toadstool Leather is easy to maintain.

Caution: Toadstool Leather may secrete chemical toxins which may be harmful for some corals in the vicinity of the Sarcophyton species. Therefore, keep the Toadstool Leather at a distance from the other corals in your marine aquarium.

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