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Air StoneAir Stone

Air Stone

An Air Stone is a Ceramic, Glass, or Wooden Block, which has fine perforations that diffuse air (Oxygen) from an Air Pump into the aquarium water in the form of tiny bubbles. In effect, Air Stones are one of the water circulation devices of an aquarium that work best in conjunction with Air Pumps, while also accessorizing the tank with the bubbles. Coarse Air Stones generate large sized water bubbles, and the fine Air Stones deliver tiny water bubbles. You need to replace Air Stones every few months as they develop Bacterial, Algal, and Dust growth over them. Fresh Marine brings to you a couple of effective Air Stones by ViaAqua. Lets look at them.

ViaAqua Flexible Air Stones by ViaAqua. These Air Stones from ViaAqua are self-weighted & flexible, and are meant for use in Freshwater Aquariums only. The flexible design of these Air Stones facilitates their adjustment along any shape of the aquarium they are placed in. The ViaAqua Air Stones come in different sizes, and are easy to install & maintain. AS-60 24 & AS-90 36 Inch Aquarium Air Diffusers are the two sizes of Air Stones by ViaAqua, available at Fresh Marine. You can easily conceal these Air Stones behind your aquarium’s Rocks or Accessories.

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