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Algae AcceleratorAlgae Accelerator

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Algae Accelerator

As the name suggests, an Algae Accelerator is a compound that helps establish favorable aquatic environment for beneficial (usually Coralline) Algal growth in an aquarium. An Algae Accelerator tunes the pH level of the aquarium water, and the electrolytes & the minerals balance in it. All this equilibrium attained by an Algae Accelerator promotes the development of algae present in the tank. Before proceeding further, let us have a brief idea about Coralline Algae and their importance in an aquarium.

Live Rocks are called so because these are the rocks housing several lives, including that of Coralline Algae. Coralline Algae is a beneficial, Calcium rich Alga that checks undesirable algal growth in an aquarium and helps attain a stable growing environment in it. Moreover, owing to their colorful body, they also add vibrant hues to the aquarium, thereby enhancing the tank’s visual appeal. Therefore, it is important that Algae Accelerator is introduced in the aquarium to promote the growth of Coralline Algae present therein. It is important to note that your aquarium must already have some living Coralline Algae on your aquarium’s glass and/or rocks. Algae Accelerator catalyzes the growth of already existing algae. It does not produce algae. Fresh Marine presents a very effective Algae Accelerator, CaribSea Purple Up. The ensuing discussion takes it up.

CaribSea Purple Up by CaribSea. This very effective water additive Purple and Pink Coralline Algae Accelerator comes in 16 oz pack. The formula base consists of Aragonite Powder and Water. Aragonite is a Carbonate Mineral, which contains a balanced ratio of Calcium and Carbonate, along with Strontium, Magnesium, and other Trace Elements. Purple Up also provides Iodine and an ionic form of Calcium, thereby boosting the amount of Calcium in aquarium water. To use, shake the Purple Up container well prior to application. Add 5 ml (1 capful) of Purple Up per 50 gallons of water, once daily. For its quick spread, you may put the Algae Accelerator in the Sump, near a Power Head Outlet, or any area in the aquarium with high water flow. The water turns cloudy for a short while as Purple Up is suspended in water. After 1 hour, check the Calcium level in the water. If required, adjust the dosage of Purple Up Algae Accelerator to keep the Calcium level in the aquarium water stabilized between 380 ppm and 420 ppm (380 mg/l to 420 mg/l).

For an optimal impact of Purple Up, you need to be particular about the following factors as well that work in conjunction with the Algae Accelerator to promote the Algal growth in an aquarium:
  • 1. Phosphate Levels. High Phosphate quantity in water inhibits Coralline Algae growth and favors useless algae. Therefore, keep Phosphate levels in check by employing the required Phosphate regulators in the water.
  • 2. Water Hardness. Keep the Carbonate Hardness levels of the aquarium water equivalent to the normal seawater levels, at 2-2.5meq/l or higher.
  • 3. Nitrogenous Wastes. Ensure that useless algae inducing Nitrogenous waste levels in the aquarium water are well in control.
  • 4. pH level. It needs to be kept at natural seawater level, which is 8.2.
  • 5. Light Spectrum. For quick Coralline Algae growth, keep the Light Spectrum stabilized at 5500ok or higher.
  • 6. Friendly Animals. Algae grazing animals, such as, Snails, Tangs, and Hermit Crabs, eliminate algal competition in the aquarium by eating the fast growing useless algae. This allows the Coralline Algal growth without any hassles.
  • 7. Growth Rate. The growth rate of different strains of Coralline Algae is different. Therefore, you may observe different Coralline colonies growing at different periods and at different rates, which is normal.

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