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Anthias are one of the most popular, reef compatible fish for Marine Aquariums. Belonging to the Family Serranidae, Anthias add immense visual appeal to an aquarium. Fresh Marine, one of the best online markets for aquarium products, offers several interesting species of Anthias. However, prior to moving on to them, let us have a fundamental idea about the fundamental features of Anthias.
  • Compatibility: Anthias are generally compatible with the other tank mates though, they are moderately aggressive towards the members of their own species. Actually, Anthias are Protogynous Hermaphrodites. This implies that an Anthias is a female initially, which may turn into male in a Harem, if the male dies and is the most dominant one in the group. Usually, this conversion leads to aggression between the converted male and the existing male in a Harem. This fight can get too troublesome in an aquarium. Therefore, its better to keep one Anthias in a tank.
  • Habit & Habitat. Anthias exist in the Tropical Seas & Oceans in all parts of the world, and inhabit Coral Reefs, Lagoons, Reef Slopes, Drop Offs, Rocky Areas, and Rubble Areas. They usually stay in big groups, the structure of which varies according to the number of male and female Anthias in a group and the area of Reef they are able to occupy. This huge group is actually a collection of “Harems,” which consist of one or two males and 2-12 females.
  • Morphology. Anthias are moderately hardy creatures, which are extremely beautiful due to their beautiful body and striking colors (generally Pink, Orange, & Yellow). Males usually are larger and more beautiful than their female counterparts are. Anthias can usually attain a size of up to 6-8” maximum, while the smaller varieties can be as small as 1-2” long.
  • Ideal Marine Aquarium Environment. Anthias grow well in an aquarium with a temperature range of 72-78°F; Specific Gravity of 1.020-1.025; and pH level of water within 8.1-8.4. Ensure that your tank has ample hiding places (Rocks & Caves) for Anthias. In addition, the water movement in your aquarium needs to be strong.
  • Aquarium Feeding. Anthias is Carnivorous and feeds upon Zooplankton. It requires high quality protein based foods, such as, Mysis Shrimp, Brine Shrimp, and Krill to name some. Feeding them frequently throughout the day siginificantly benefits them.
  • Aquarium Breeding. Anthias is Protogynous Hermaphrodite (bisexual) and their aquarium breeding is very difficult.
  • Care. Anthias is moderately difficult to maintain. It is important to note that these fish are usually aggressive towards each other. Therefore, try increasing their number only if you have an aquarium of over 75 Gallons capacity and keep peaceful Anthias varieties in it.

  • Let us now look at some of the best selling Anthias options available at Fresh Marine in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

    Bartlett's Anthias (Pseudanthias bartlettorum). Also known as, Bartlett's Fairy Anthias, this Yellow, and Purple/Pink colored, Peaceful fish requires minimum tank size of 55 Gallons as it attains a size of around 3.5”.

    Squarespot Anthias (Pseudanthias pleurotaenia). This Semi-Aggressive, Orange colored fish, with males sporting a Pink colored Square shaped spot, and growing up to a size of approximately 7.9”, requires a minimum tank size of 70 Gallons.

    Purple Queen Anthias (Mirolabrichthys tuka). Also known as Mirolabrichthys tuka, Fairy Basslets, and Amethyst, Sailfin Anthias, this Peaceful yet very difficult to maintain Anthias requires only an Expert’s handling. As the name suggests, Purple Queen Anthias is bright Purple in color with a horizontal Orange band running across its body length. Growing up to 6.7”, these fish require a minimum tank size of 55 Gallons.

    Lyretail Anthias (Pseudanthias squamipinnis). Also commonly called as Scalefin Anthias and Jewel Lyretail Anthias, this hardiest of all Anthias, is semi-aggressive owing to its maximally territorial disposition. Growing up to a size of approximately 4.7”, Lyretail Anthias requires at least a 55 Gallons tank. Free Marine offers Red Male and Orange Female varieties of Lyretail Anthias.

    Disbar Anthias (Mirolabrichthys dispar/Pseudanthias dispar). Also known as, Dispar Anthias, this Anthias is Peaceful and sports an attractive combination of Orange and Pink colors. Growing up to 3.7”, this Anthias requires a minimum tank size of 70 Gallons.

    Ventralis Anthias (Pseudanthias ventralis). Also known as Longfin Anthias and Fairy Basslets, this Peaceful yet very difficult to maintain Anthias requires only an Expert’s handling. Growing up to a small size of approximately 2.1”, this Anthias does well even in a 30 Gallons tank, to begin with. A male Ventralis Anthias is Purple and Reddish Pink in color, with Yellow Fins and spots on the face, while a female is deep Orange-Brown.

    Fathead Anthias (Serranocirrhitus latus). Also known as Sunburst Anthias, this Peaceful yet very difficult to maintain Anthias requires only an Expert’s handling. Growing up to a size of approximately 5.1”, this Anthias requires the tank size of minimum 50 Gallons.

    Tricolor Anthias (Pseudanthias kashiwae). Fresh Marine presently offers Tricolor Male Anthias and the discussion here is in the purview of the same. Male Tricolor Anthias have an Orange colored head, Reddish stripe along their body length and are Yellowish towards the rear of their body. These peaceful Anthias grow up to 6 inches and require a minimum tank size of 70 Gallons.

    Pictilis Anthias (Pseudanthias pictilis). Also known as, Painted Goldie, this peaceful Anthias is Pinkish-Blue in color and grows up to 6 inches in size. As a result, it requires an aquarium with the minimum capacity of 125 Gallons. Fresh Marine offers male and female Pictilis Anthias.

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