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Autofeeder for PetAutofeeder for Pet

Autofeeders for Pet

Rearing a pet can be considered as responsible a job as bringing up a child, although in a different context. Feeding your pet the right food, in the right amount, at the right time, is a crucial part of a petís basic care. In our busy lives, juggling with jobs, career expectations, household chores, family emergencies, and of course the great killer Ė commutations, sometimes pet care takes a backseat in our list of priorities. Forgetting or delaying petsí feeding time leads to their erratic feeding habits and may lead to any number of eating disorders in them such as, obesity, malnutrition, and lethargy to name some. At such times, one dreams of a helping appliance that can lighten our load by a small amount and here enter the Autofeeders for Pets.

Autofeeders for Pets are fully automatic electronic appliance, which are programmable to suit your petís personal requirements. Autofeeders for Pets can be programmed to dispense a measured amount of food to your pets at a prearranged time. These are especially useful for weekend getaways and short family excursions, when you are away.

Studies have shown that feeding your pet a steady amount of pet food in small portions over the course of the day is beneficial and can prevent pet obesity and can lead to better health. Let us take a look at the Autofeeders for Pets, available at Fresh Marine.

Le Bistro Electronic Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeders. These 3-D Battery operated Autofeeders for Pets have a tough Plastic bottom and come in attractive shapes and colors. They have Food Reservoir that can hold up to 10 pounds of all type of dry pet foods, and can be programmed to dole out the same from ľ cup to 2 cups, three times a day. Therefore, depending upon the size of your pet and its eating habits, you may program these Autofeeders for Pets. The Feeder Bowl is removable and can be conveniently washed. The Batteries required for their operation, are sold separately and last approximately for 6 months. Black; Pound Capacity, Bleached Linen; and 10 pound Black, are the three options available in the range.

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