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Betta Foods PelletsBetta Foods Pellets

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Zoo Med Micro Floating Betta Pellet .12oz


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Zoo Med Betta Banquet Block 7day


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Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock


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Tetra BettaMin Flakes .81oz


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Zoo Med BettaMatic- Automatic Betta Feeder


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Hikari Betta BioGold Baby Pellet .70oz


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Zoo Med Betta Dial-a-Treat


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Tetra Betta Pellets 1.02oz


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Tetra Betta Mini Pellets .09oz


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Tetra TetraBetta Plus Mini Pellets 1.2oz


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API Betta Premium Pellets Food 0.09oz


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Aqueon Betta Food .5oz


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Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food .95oz


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Parakeet Breeding Nest Box, Black, From Hagen


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Nutrafin Basix Betta Food, 0.42 oz, From Hagen


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Nutrafin Max Betta Granules 1.06 oz, From Hagen


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Betta Foods Pellets

Betta is a Siamese fighting fish, which is one of the most sought out freshwater aquatic pets owing to its colorful body. In an aquarium, Betta Fish are usually fed specifically designed Betta Foods Pellets, which are rich in growth and color promoting nutrients, including essential Vitamins and Minerals. Feeding Betta twice or thrice a day with these Betta Foods Pellets has optimal effect. Fresh Marine, one of the leading online market places for aquarium products, brings to you a brilliant collection of Betta Foods Pellets from some leading makes. The ensuing discussion takes an overview on these Betta Foods Pellets, available at Fresh Marine.

Nutrafin Max Color Enhancing Betta Food by Hagen. Available in 0.5 oz. pack, these Betta Food Pellets consist of Red Alga from Hawaii, freeze-dried Blood Worms, and Multi-Vitamin Supplements. The Pre-Digested Plankton (PDP) boosts the fish coloration, while the Multivitamin caters to the growth part. Therefore, a balanced diet and reduced waste production in the fish body are the principle behind the working of Max Color. The Betta Foods Pellets have low Phosphorus and therefore, their suspension in the aquarium results in only slight Algal growth. For best results, feed your fish with Betta Foods Pellets twice to thrice a day.

Betta Foods Pellets by Ocean Nutrition.
  • Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Food. This Betta Foods Pellets employs fresh and natural ingredients to provide the best quality nutrition to a fish. Available in 75g (2.65 oz.) pack, the Betta Foods Pellets boost the fish’s color without causing water cloudiness.
  • Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta PRO. Available in 75g (2.65 oz.) pack, these Betta Food Pellets float in aquarium water, without making it cloudy. Atisons Betta PRO boosts alertness, responsiveness, growth, & natural coloration in Betta, and strengthens its Fins & Scales, while also enhancing its survival instincts. In addition, these Betta Foods Pellets even help condition the fish for some stressful activity such as, Breeding. These Betta Foods Pellets can be used as a staple food for Fries, two to seven months old.
  • Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Starter. Available in 12 g pack, these Betta Foods Pellets are nutritionally rich to boost the growth, development, and immunity in young Betta Fish. The formula is rich in Proteins (not in Terrestrial animal proteins), HUFA, Phospholipids, and Vitamins A3, D3, E, and C, while being high in DHA/EPA ratio. The Betta Foods Pellets are stable in tank water and freely float around, leaving little deposits behind. These Betta Foods Pellets are especially recommended for conditioning your Betta for any specific stressful situation, including breeding. Fries, aged two to seven months, can also be served the Betta Starter as a staple diet.
  • Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta SPA. Available in 125 ml pack, these all-natural Betta Foods Pellets are based in Antibacterial, Wild Almond Leaf Extract, rich in Humic Acids and Tannins. In addition, the Betta Foods Pellets contain Yucca Extract to bind Ammonia to Water, Calcium for strong Muscles, Bones, Teeth, & Scales, and essential Trace Elements. Atisons Betta SPA lowers the water pH. The impact of the formula ranges from conditioning to boosting spawning, activity, and colors. These Betta Foods Pellets are especially recommended for fishes inclined towards Black-water Strams. The Tannin present in the formula stains the aquarium water dark, similar to Black-water Strams. The Betta Foods Pellets are also effective for aquariums without any filters. The formula even makes the Bubble Nest quite sticky.

  • Premium Betta Food by Wardley. Available in 1.2 oz. pack, these floating Betta Foods Pellets are nutrients rich formula for the well-being and the striking coloration of Betta & the other small tropical fish in your aquarium.

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