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Ammonia Chlorine RemoversAmmonia Chlorine Removers

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Ammonia Chlorine Removers

With life happening in an aquarium, release of Nitrogenous wastes, including Ammonia, in aquarium water is a normal phenomenon. Chlorine reaches an aquarium, usually mixed in tap water employed for filling an aquarium. Now, excess of Ammonia and Chlorine in aquarium water can kill the Fish and the Beneficial Bacteria present in Bio-Filters in an aquarium. To regulate the rising Ammonia and Chlorine in the tank water, Ammonia Chlorine Removers are “the” product to use. Fresh Marine offers a wide variety of Ammonia Chlorine Removers. The ensuing discussion deals with some of the key ones in the range.

Ammonia Removers. Most of the Ammonia Removers available on Fresh Marine are non-toxic, non-acidic, and work well for tap as well as aquarium water. Free of harmful Formaldehyde, even an overdose of these Ammonia Chlorine Removers is safe. The Ammonia Removers are safe even for Sensitive Corals (Hard & Soft), Anemones, other aquarium Invertebrates, and Fish & Plants (Freshwater & Marine). Therefore, you can safely deploy these formulas directly in both, Freshwater & Marine Aquariums, including Coral Mini-Reefs & Water Gardens.

Ammonia Chlorine Removers neutralize Ammonia, Chlorine, and Chloramines, as soon as they are added to the tap water meant for filling the aquarium. Ammonia Removers also eliminate Nitrites and Nitrates from the aquarium water. The products should ideally be used when preparing tap water for new aquariums, changing aquarium water, or adding water to the aquarium to compensate for evaporation. These Ammonia Chlorine Removers are especially useful if the Beneficial Bacterial Bed of an aquarium is lost due to any factor, including an overuse of Antibiotics. In this case, Ammonia Removers bind with the harmful Ammonia, to check its level in aquarium water. This helps you buy time to relocate an aquarium’s inmates, or to fix a new Bio-Filtration Media.

In addition, a suddenly overstocked aquarium is also rescued from high Ammonia levels as these Ammonia Chlorine Removers bind with the Ammonia present in the aquarium water. This helps until the existing beneficial Bacteria multiply amply to regulate excess ammonia. Ammonia Removers also bind Nitrites in Fry Rearing Systems, where Filters cannot be employed.

  • Products: Kent Marine Ammonia Detox by Kent Marine; Kordon AmQuel Ammonia/Chloramine Remover & Kordon AmQuel Plus + Additive, both by Kordon; Seachem Prime by Seachem (also develops the protective Slime Coats on the aquarium animals); Ammo-Lock by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals; and Ammonia Detox by Tetra.

  • Chlorine Removers. These formulas, also known as Water Conditioners, neutralize Chlorine and Heavy Metals, present in aquarium water, while also decomposing any Chloramine there. Chlorine Removers restore the natural & protective Slime Coat on an aquarium’s inmates to alleviate Fish Stress, calm them, and protect them against abrasion, especially due to Bacterial & Viral infections. This restoration of Slime Coat is especially helpful as we acclimatize fish to the new surroundings. Ammonia Chlorine Removers are ideally employed to tap water for filling it in aquarium, making water changes, adding new fish, handling fish, transporting fish, or when fish are wounded. Some of the Fresh Marine Products, such as, Pro Tech Coat Marine, contain the Slime Coating chemical, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, which is also an FDA approved ingredient for preparing medicines and nutritive products.

    You should avoid using Ammonia Chlorine Removers that contain Aloe Vera and Carboxymethylcellulose, as they decompose in the aquarium water and lower the Redox Reactions happening therein, thereby affecting the overall water quality. Some of the Ammonia Chlorine Removers, such as, NovAqua Plus, actually condition the aquarium water, while also supplementing it with Immunizers and Vitamins, thereby overall benefiting its tank mates.

    The Chlorine Removers do not interfere with Biological Filtration and are safe for the inmates of a marine aquarium, which include sensitive Hard & Soft Corals. An unsafe Ammonia Chlorine Remover may adversely affect the life in a marine aquarium, especially Soft Corals and Feather Dusters, which close permanently in case the remover does not suit them.

  • Products: Pro Tech Coat Marine by Kent Marine; Kordon Aquarium NovAqua Plus Water Conditioner by Kordon; StressGuard by Seachem; Tap Water Conditioner by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals; Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner w/ P.H.E. by Hagen; and AquaSafe with BioExtract for Aquariums/Ponds by Tetra.

  • Nutrafin African Cichild Conditioner by Hagen. This formula acts more as a nutritional supplement rather than an Ammonia Chlorine Remover and balances the mineral levels of Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sodium, thereby increasing the hardness of aquarium water. This Ammonia Chlorine Remover especially benefits African Cichlids, Goldfish, Livebearers, and other Marine Animals, present in an aquarium.

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