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What's the difference between freshwater and saltwater?What's the difference between freshwater and saltwater?

So what's different about saltwater versus freshwater?

As alluded to above, saltwater fish are more sensitive to changes in their environment. The critical parameters of a saltwater tank are pH, nitrate, salinity, and temperature. During the cycling process, ammonia and nitrite can also be a problem. These elements are not different from those of a freshwater tank, but the degree to which they may stray is vastly different.

Freshwater fish are found in rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. Saltwater fish are collected from oceans and seas. As such, their natural environment is quite stable and they do not readily adapt to major changes in water chemistry or temperature. In addition, since nearly all saltwater fish and invertebrates are captured in the wild (many freshwater fish are either tank or pond raised), there are greater risks associated with handling and shipping.

The most important thing you need to know about saltwater tanks, is that you can not have nearly as many fish as you can have in a freshwater tank! Are saltwater fish hard to keep?

Just as in freshwater, there are some species that are usually quite sturdy and some that challenge even the experts. The Compatibility Chart guide is to help the hobbyist choose fish and invertebrates appropriate for his level of expertise.

What Is the Difference between Freshwater and Saltwater?

Water is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen, which exists in three physical states, solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (water vapor). Our state of interest here is water in liquid form. Water has further two chemical types, Freshwater and Saltwater. Now, what is the difference between freshwater and saltwater? The ensuing discussion takes a look on the subject vis-à-vis the chemical difference of the two types and their importance in aquarium.

What Is The Difference Between Freshwater And Saltwater? – A Chemical View.
  • Freshwater. Water with dissolved salt content measuring less than 1% is called Freshwater. Freshwater is available from two types of sources, stagnant water bodies, such as, Lakes, Ponds, & Inland Wetlands; and flowing water bodies, such as, Rivers and Streams. Freshwater covers only 1% of the total earth’s surface.
  • Saltwater. When water has high quantity of salts dissolved in it, it is called Saltwater. Owing to the large amount of dissolved salts and the associated electric charges on these salts, the conductivity of saltwater is high and it tastes salty. Sea, Oceans, Rivers, and Saltwater Ponds are the natural sources of saltwater, which add up together to cover 71% of earth surface.

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