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Guinea Pig Cage EnclosureGuinea Pig Cage Enclosure

Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure

Guinea Pigs make perfect small pets. They are easy to house and care for. A pair of Guinea Pigs is ideal. Specialized Guinea Pig Cage Enclosures are available in the market to keep these tender beings comfortably and safely. A good Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure is spacious (7.5 square feet for single & 10.5 square feet for a pair), and does not have a Wire or Mesh bottom, for that may injure the pets. In addition, ideally the Guinea Pig Cage Enclosures should be equipped with a Feeding Bottle and a Feeding Bowl.

Then, the situation and the size of the doors of your Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure should ensure that you are able to clean the cage properly and the Litter Box can be fit or introduced in, as & when needed. In addition, see that the doors should not hurt your Guinea Pigs or slam on them.

Moreover, the Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure should be Mosquito & Flies proof, and should be sturdy enough, so that the predators are not able to get through the housing and get hold of them.

Fresh Marine, one of the bestselling online stores for pet products, provides excellent Guinea Pigs Cage Enclosures by Hagen and the relevant accessories. The ensuing discussion delves into these Guinea Pig Cage Enclosures.

Living World Guinea Pig Resort Starter Kit. This Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure contains a White wired collapsible Cage with Blue base and Pine Shavings, Honey Sticks, Drinking Bottle, a pack of Guinea Pig Food, a Food Dish, and a Pet Care Booklet.

Zoo Zone 2 Home for Small Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. This Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure consists of a 100cms large Critter Home with a Marble Grey Plastic Bottom & a clear Roof, and a Sliding Wire Grill with Flip-up option. In addition, the Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure is equipped with a Hay Guard, a White Plastic Feeder, and a Nylon Water Bottle Holder.

Hagen Leakproof Guinea Pig Bottle. This 16oz (400ml) durable Plastic Bottle is equipped with a Stainless Steel Ball Spout and a Wire Holder. This ergonomically designed bottle is attachable to the outside of the Cage, is easy to clean, and keeps away the contaminants from drinking water.

Once you have a Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure, you may want to accessorize it with bedding, hideouts, and toys to name some. For bedding, Aspen shavings, Hay, &/or recycled paper are preferred over Pine or Cedar. Plastic Tub, Pail, Cardboard Box, Paper Bags, and wide PVC Pipes constitute some of the preferred hiding places and toys by Guinea Pigs. You may use thick Ceramic Dishes for feeding your small pets, as they will be heavy and therefore sturdy with a stable equilibrium. A Litter Box is also a valid addition in the Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure for its feeding creatures. While selecting accessories for your Guinea Pig Cage Enclosure, take care to introduce the stuff that may not injure your small companions.

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