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Hagen Power HeadHagen Power Head

Hagen Power Head

Power Heads are fully submersible Water Pumps, meant to stabilize Aquarium Water Current at a desired level, while also powering up a Protein Skimmer fitted in your tank. Hagen, one of the most renowned names in the Pets Maintenance Industry, offers a vast collection of an effective Hagen Power Head model. This Hagen Power Head comes in different sizes according to its capacities ranging from as little as 80 GPH to as high as 900 GPH. Fresh Marine brings to you this widely spread range of Hagen Power Head. The ensuing discussion throws an insight on this model of Hagen Power Head.

Aqua Clear Power Head by Hagen. This UL Listed Hagen Power Head helps stabilize the desired level of water current in your aquarium, while also enhancing its Biological ability and Load Factor. Hagen Power Head, Aqua Clear, is fitted with Air Filter to keep out dust and dirt from contaminating the Aquarium Water. The “Venturi Aeration” of Hagen Power Head ensures thorough aeration coupled with great air output than most Vibrator Pumps. Vertical or Horizontal Output Diverter enables regulated current, while maintaining the pump’s Output Power efficiency. Hagen Power Head’s adjustable Flow Control regulates output water stream. Output Stem Adapter well attaches to Flexible Tubing in this Hagen Power Head for powering other Aquarium Accessories, usually Protein Skimmers. This Hagen Power Head comes in the following capacities: 80 GPH for minimum 10 Gallons tank size, 127 GPH for minimum 20 Gallons, 175 GPH for minimum 30 Gallons, 270 GPH for minimum 50 Gallons, 400 GPH for minimum 70 Gallons, and 900 GPH for minimum 110 Gallons tank size.

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