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Hamster Cage EnclosureHamster Cage Enclosure

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Hamster Cage Enclosure

Hamster Cage Enclosures are one of the vital ways to keep Dwarf Mouse and Hamsters comfortable and happy. Usually Hamster Cage Enclosures are made of Wires, Steel, Plastic, or Glass. Fresh Marine brings to you some select Hamster Cage Enclosures from Hagen. The ensuing discussion looks.

  • Habitrail Mini Home for Mice. This Hamster Cage Enclosure includes a Fly Wheel, Mushroom, and Feeding Dish. The base of the unit is made of Solid Plastic and it has a Sliding Lock, which keeps the pet secure. The mini home is escape proof and comes with a Litter Shield.

  • Habitrail Mini Maze. This Hamster Cage Enclosure connects the different areas of the Habitrail Unit, while also doubling up as a source of entertainment for your little pets. Also available is the Habitrail Ovo Maze in both, Blue & Pink colors.

  • Habitrail Mini Tower. This Mini Tower supplements the existing area in your Hamster Cage Enclosure, and provides more space to your pets. Also available are, Habitrail Playground Tower and Habitrail Ovo Tower.

  • Habitrail Mini Outpost. This Mini Outpost can be attached to a Hamster Cage Enclosure. It provides extra space, which can be used as per requirement. Habitrail Playground Outpost is another similar product on sale.

  • Habitrail Mini Loft. This is used as a small petís sleeping area. Habitrail Mini Mushroom, Habitrail Playground Loft, Habitrail Playground Hideaway, Living World Straw Nest Hamster Hideaway, Sleep n Snuggle Hut, Sleep n Snuggle Home, and Sleep n Snuggle Condo, are the similar products from Hagen.

  • Habitrail Mini Exercise Wheel. This wheel is robust and can be suspended from the top of the Hamster Cage Enclosure. Also on sale is the Habitrail Mini Exercise Ball, which is available with or without a Stand, Habitrail Playground Dragster, and Habitrail Playground Sport Wheel.

  • Habitrail Mini Mushroom Water Dish. This accessory for a Hamster Cage Enclosure, has three water holes for Dwarf Hamsters and Mouse. The Debris Shield helps in keeping the water clean.

  • Habitrail Mini Value Pack. This is used for creating various setups for the pets. Also available from Habitrail is the Playground Lock Value Pack, which includes 6 Curves, 2 T Joints, 1 Elbow, 2 Closure Discs, and 10 Lock Connectors.

  • Habitrail Playground Kit. This includes Food Dish, Water Bottle, 1 Elbow, a Loft, a Spin Around, Litter Shield, Feeding Dish, and a Sliding Lock. It is an ideal home for your small pets.

  • Habitrail Playground Lock Connector. As the name suggests, this is used to connect all the accessories of the Playground Kit. Also available is the Habitrail Ovo Lock Connectors available in three pack-assorted colors.

  • Living World Hamster Starter Kit. This includes a White colored Hamster Cage Enclosure with a Red Plastic Base and a Wheel, living World Hamster Food (450 g), Habitrail Donuts Treat (140 g), Living World Drinking Bottle, Living World Pine Shavings, and a Living World Booklet. Its Deluxe version is also available.

  • Living World Hamster House with Step Ladder. This is used to add extra space to a Hamster Cage Enclosure. The houses are elevated, come with a Ladder, and fit all the Wired Cages.

  • Hagen Leakproof Hamster Bottle. This is a 200 ml (8oz) closed Water Feeding System, which also helps to keep the contaminants out. Habitrail Ovo Water Bottle provides easy access to water for pets, due to its new age design and allows for the addition of more than one source.

  • Metal Hamster Wheel. This is a freestanding model with an integrated stand. It is available in two different sizes with a diameter of 12.5cm & 17.5cm. The wheel is chew resistant and has a Chrome Plated Wire Design.

  • Zoo Zone Home. This is Medium in size and has a Turquoise colored bottom and Clear Plastic Top with a Wire Grill, a Hay Guard, a Plastic Feeder, and a Nylon Water Bottle Holder.

  • Habitrail Ovo Pad. This is easy to clean and has enough room for your small pet. The Water Bottle Design makes it easy for your small pets to have an easy access to water. Also available is the Habitrail Ovo Suite with added Tubings, Connectors, and Accessories.

  • Habitrail Ovo Transport Unit. The Habitrail Ovo Transport Unit serves the dual purpose of having an extra room in the Hamster Cage Enclosure. It can be used as a transportation unit, as it can be easily detached. Also available is the Habitrail Ovo Den, which has a retractable Roof.

  • Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack. This allows your Hamster, the freedom to roam to several different hideaways. It is wholly made up of Plastic, and has a Retractable Roof. The pack consists of 1 Transport Unit, 2-10" Trails, 1 Tee, 1 Cube, 1 Den, 5 Windows, 3 Elbows, and 10 Lock Connectors.

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