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Hogfish, one of the most suitable fish for Reef Aquarium, belong to the Family Labridae and Genus Bodianus. These fish are known for their high quality & tasty flesh and as a Sports Fish. Fresh Marine provides you a wide range of Hogfish species. However, prior to moving to the options available at Fresh Marine, lets have a look at the distinguishing features of Hogfish.

Compatibility. Hogfish are usually friendly, but some species are Semi Aggressive. They show compatibility with Rabbit Fish, Parrotfish, Sweet Lips, Puffers, Hawkfish, Tangs, and Surgeons. Hogfish, being Territorial, may fight with the other members of its species. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep only one Hogfish per tank or if in pairs, they should be introduced in the aquarium at the same time. Hogfish are Carnivorous therefore; avoid keeping them with small Fish, Crustaceans, and Shrimps.
  • Habit & Habitat. Hogfish are usually found on the Coral Reefs at a depth of 3m to 30m in Western Atlantic Ocean, Indo Pacific Region, Red Sea, and towards Marshall Islands. Some species of Hogfish act as Scavengers when young and work as Cleaners to clean the tank and ‘groom’ the other fish by removing Parasites and Dead Skin from their body surface.
  • Morphology. Hogfish range in length from 4” to 3’. The color of this fish depends upon its age, sex, and surroundings. Juveniles are different in color from adults. These fish are characterized by their elongated Snout and protrusible Mouth.
  • Ideal Marine Aquarium Environment. Hogfish are Hardy fish and can tolerate wide changes in water conditions. However, optimum water conditions required by Hogfish are the temperature of 72-83°F; a Specific gravity of 1.020-1.025; and the pH of 8.1-8.4. Moreover, your tank must have ample Corals, Rocks, and Caves for Hogfish to hide as well as to provide it Reef type environment.
  • Aquarium Feeding. Hogfish are Carnivorous in their feeding habit and eat small Fish, Crustaceans, Shrimps, Squids, Snails, Crabs, & Sea Urchins.
  • Aquarium Breeding. Hogfish are Hermaphrodites, which makes them difficult to breed in captivity.
  • Care. Hogfish require moderate level of care in the beginning, therefore should be handled only by Experts, and are not recommended for the Beginners.

  • Let us now look at some of the best selling Hogfish available at Fresh Marine.

  • Coral Hogfish (Bodianus mesothorax). Also known as Eclipse Hogfish or Mesothorax Hog Fish, this Hogfish is a Scavenger and a Cleaner. Growing up to a size of 8”, these Hogfish require an aquarium of minimum 55 Gallons capacity.
  • Cuban Hogfish (Bodianus pulchellus). Also known as Spotfin Hogfish, these colorful fish are Semi Aggressive in nature. They grow up to a maximum size of 9” and require an aquarium of minimum 100 Gallons capacity.
  • Diana's Hogfish (Bodianus Diana). Also known as Red or Gold Diana Hogfish and Spotted Hogfish, these Hogfish are Reddish Brown in color when young, which changes to yellow with age. They have Black Spots on all the Fins and White Spots on the side of the body. Growing up to a maximum of 9.8”, these fish require an aquarium of minimum 55 Gallons.
  • Lyretail Hogfish (Bodianus anthioides). Also known as, Forktail Hog Fish, these beautiful fish are characterized by the presence of elongated Fins and colorful long Tail. They feed on Live Corals, Mollusks, Crabs, and Sea Urchins. Growing up to the size of 7.5”, these fish require an aquarium of minimum 75 Gallons.
  • Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus). Also known as, Spanish Hog Fish, these beautiful Golden Yellow fish are very hardy and disease resistant. They are usually peaceful towards their tank mates. They can grow up to maximum 16” in size and therefore, require an aquarium of minimum 55 Gallons capacity.

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