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Invertebrate FoodInvertebrate Food

Invertebrate Food

Invertebrate Food is a standard Staple Food fed to aquatic pets to meet their fundamental nutrients requirements. Marine Invertebrates usually are Filter Feeders, feeding on tiny particles such as, Plankton, Detritus, and the Dried Meat Particles of Crustaceans, Fish, & Shrimp. The commercially available Invertebrate Food mostly is Plankton packed for easy feeding. The Invertebrate Food boosts the health and the color of your aquatic pets. Feed your aquatic Invertebrates, at least 2-3 times per week. Fresh Marine offers a powerful Aquarium Invertebrate Food by Kent Marine. The ensuing discussion takes a look at this one stop feeding solution.

Kent Marine Chromaplex Phytoplankton. Available in 16oz pack, this Invertebrate Food consists of a unique blend of aqua cultured and natural Phytoplankton with each particle size ranging from five to twenty-five Microns. The formula, rich in Essential Amino Acids (EAA) and Fatty Acids (EFA), is designed for Marine Filter Feeding Invertebrates, including Sponges, Clams, Anemones, Corals, Gorgonians, & Feather Dusters.

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