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Iodine Iodide SupplementIodine Iodide Supplement

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Seachem Reef Iodide 250ml 8.5oz


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Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium 300gm 10.6oz


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Seachem Reef Iodide 500ml 17oz


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Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium 600gm 1.3lb


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Iodine Iodide Supplements

Iodine and Iodide have special significance for the members of a Reef or a Marine Aquarium. They enhance the coloration in Corals, Tridacna Clams, and Anemones, while also keeping them healthy. The Marine Invertebrates in an aquarium, as a standard, get it from the salt mixes in the water. However, this Iodine is soon consumed by the aquarium, and Protein Skimmers, Ozone, & Aquarium Filtration then further eliminate it from the system. It therefore gets vital that the aquarium members are supplied with the Iodine Iodide Supplements to fill up the generated Iodine gap. These supplements enable the bio-available forms of Iodine and Iodide to the tank inmates, which apart from delivering the other health and color benefits, also aid in full Coral Polyp expansion. Fresh Marine presents a wide spectrum of effective Iodine Iodide Supplements.

Iodine Supplements. This Iodine Iodide Supplement provides bio-available form of Iodine to the aquarium members. The Iodine supplied to the system is in a stable form, and does not kill the Beneficial Bacteria present in an aquarium for Bio-Filtration. In addition, this Iodine Iodide Supplement is free of any undesirable Organic form of Iodine. Based in Deionized Water, Iodide Salts, and Stabilizers, this Iodine should be used regularly to avoid any probabilities of Iodine deficiency in the system. Super Iodine by Kent Marine is the option in the range.

Iodide Supplement. This Iodine Iodide Supplement is especially useful for the marine aquariums, densely populated with Invertebrates or Soft Corals, and for the ones equipped with aggressive Protein Skimmers. The Iodine supplied by the formula does not convert to toxic form of free Iodine in the system. Reef Iodide by Seachem is the option in the range.

Lugol`s Solution. This Iodine Iodide Supplement is meant for Aquarium Invertebrates (especially Stony Corals, Xenia, & Soft Corals), and Macro Algae. When dipped in the solution, the infected Stony and Soft or Leather Corals are freed of Parasites and harmful Bacteria. This Iodine Iodide Supplement brightens up the coloration of Corals, while also preventing their bleaching due to varied light intensity. Moreover, the solution facilitates optimal Coral Polyp expansion, and is free of Phosphate, Nitrate, Gluconate, or other Sugar, while being based with Deionized Water, Potassium Iodide, and Iodine. Lugol’s Solution by Kent Marine and Blue Life are a couple of options in the slot.

Time Released Iodine Supplement. This Iodine Iodide supplement delivers Iodine to the system in a triple release fashion, which facilitates long availability of the element to the tank invertebrates, lasting for weeks. Therefore, actually, this enables the bioavailability of Iodine and Iodide to an aquarium system for the faster growth, proper expansion, bleach prevention, and color enhancement of its inmates for a prolonged period. Based in Deionized Water, Timed Release Proprietary Concentrated Iodide, Iodine, Potassium Iodide, and Stabilizers, this Iodine Iodide Supplement has been reported to even induce aquarium reproduction in some Corals, which used to be a rare phenomenon before this product. Tech I – Iodine Supplement by Kent Marine is the pick available in range on Fresh Marine.

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