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Marineland Power HeadMarineland Power Head

Marineland Power Head

Power Heads are fully submersible Water Pumps, meant to stabilize Aquarium Water Current at a desired level, while also powering up a Protein Skimmer fitted in your tank. Marineland, a buzzing name in the aquarium equipment industry, a subsidiary of a leading pet products company, United Pet Group, which in turn is a part of Spectrum Brands, brings to you a splendid range of Marineland Power Heads. This Marineland Power Head comes in different sizes according to its capacities ranging from 145 GPH to 300 GPH. Fresh Marine, a leading online marketplace of aquarium products, brings to you a striking collection of the choicest Marineland Power Head. The ensuing discussion throws an insight on this model of Marineland Power Head.

Penguin Powerhead Models by Marineland. Marineland Power Heads establish a stable, adjustable, and powerful water current (due to Custom Air Valve) with high surface agitation, in both, Freshwater as well as Marine Aquariums, resulting also in the increased oxygenation of water. The Marineland Power Heads can also produce Aquarium Waterfall Effect, while being capable of even acting as a reverse consistent flow Power Head for a perfect Under Gravel Filtration. To supplement it all, these Marineland Power Heads do all this quietly as their Air Filter keeps out Noise and Dust. The Intake Strainer keeps out debris to maintain the efficiency of the Impeller. In addition, Marineland Power heads can easily manage heavy Waste Loads in Turtle or Amphibian Aquariums. Further, the Marineland Power Heads are safe to operate as they are Epoxy-Sealed, and their Electrical Components, including Motor, are waterproof. Bracket and Suction Cups duo ensure anywhere mounting of Marineland Power Heads in an Aquarium. 550 - 145 GPH, 650 - 170 GPH, and 1140 - 300 GPH, are the different capacities available in the Marineland Power Head range.

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