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Maxi Jet Power HeadMaxi Jet Power Head

Maxi Jet Power Head

Power Heads are fully submersible Water Pumps, meant to stabilize Aquarium Water Current at a desired level, while also powering up Aquarium Equipment fitted in a tank. Aquarium Systems, Inc., a US company with multi-dimensional operations, one of these being, manufacturing Aquarium Products, offers a vast collection of the effective Maxi Jet Power Head model. This Maxi Jet Power Head comes in different sizes according to its capacities. Fresh Marine brings to you this widely spread range of Maxi Jet Power Head. The ensuing discussion throws an insight on this model of Maxi Jet Power Head.

Maxi Jet Power Heads by Aquarium Systems. These high performing and energy efficient Maxi Jet Power Head Pumps are just perfect for powering Under Gravel Filters, while circulating the Aquarium Water with the help of waterproof rotating Water Outlet. The protected Motor of Maxi Jet Power Heads does not overheat. A Venturi Aeration Device provides optimal aeration in the Aquarium, while the silencer maintains the operational quietness. An adjustable Air Filter allows for the desired mix of air and water, while the Intake Tube Adapter with Pre Filter Screen keeps out the debris in the water from getting into the UL Approved Maxi Jet Power Head Pumps. The Triple-Suction Cup Mount allow the Maxi Jet Power Heads to be fitted anywhere inside an aquarium. An adjustable Hook with Cable Guide and a Grid Support for optional Foam Cartridge are some other added features in the Maxi Jet Power Heads. These Pumps can be connected to a 5/8 Tubing and are easy to maintain. The Maxi Jet Power Heads come with 2 years warranty. Following capacities are available in the range:
  • Maxi Jet Power Head 1200. This 20 Watt device, measuring 3.5X2X3.25, can deliver water flow up to 295 GPH, from a maximum height of 69.
  • Maxi Jet Power Head 400. This 5 Watt device, measuring 3.5X2X3, can deliver water flow up to 106 GPH, from a maximum height of 29.
  • Maxi Jet Power Head 600. This 7.5 Watt device, measuring 3.5X2X3, can deliver water flow up to 160 GPH, from a maximum height of 53.
  • Maxi Jet Power Head 900. This 8.5 Watt device, measuring 3.5X2X3.25, can deliver water flow up to 230 GPH, from a maximum height of 46.

  • Mini Jet Water Pumps by Aquarium Systems. These Maxi Jet Power Heads deliver high performance despite their Mini size. Good for small areas, such as Sumps, Canister Filters, or Fountains, these devices are laced with Flow-Adjusting control to use pump for powering different Aquarium Equipment. With Parallel Arrangement of Electrical Cord and Output, these Mini Maxi Jet Power Heads are easy to install. Measuring 2 1/4"x1 1/4"x2 3/4", Mini Jet Water Pumps come in 404 and 606 models.

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