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Mini Nano AquariumMini Nano Aquarium

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Nano Tank - 6 Gallon


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Nano Tank with Canopy Only


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Nano Tank with Canopy and Built-In Lighting


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Lee's AQ2 Aquarium Divider System 12 1 8in x 15.5in


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Lee's Specimen Container Convalescent Home


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Lee's Betta Keeper w Lid Gravel and Plant Small


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Lee's Three-Way Breeder


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Lee's Convalescent Home Specimen Container Large


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Lee's Betta Keeper w Lid Gravel and Plant Large


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Tetra Betta Bowl Silver


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Lee's Round Bowl Filter 2gal 5.25in


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Lee's Betta Keeper Triangle Kit


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Lee's Betta Keeper Round Kit


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Lee's Break Resistant Specimen Container Small


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Penn-Plax Condo Betta


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Lee's Triplex DecoAquarium


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Lee's Break Resistant Specimen Container Large


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Anchor Hocking Glass Drum Fish Bowl .5gal


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Mini Nano Aquarium

Mini Nano Aquariums are very small sized Reef Aquariums, usually meant for serious beginners. These Mini Nano Aquariums are complete life supporting set up in themselves. Fresh Marine offers some of the smartest picks in the category. The ensuing discussion cruises through some of them.

JBJ Lighting 12 Gallon Nano Cube Deluxe 2 X 24 / 2 X 36 Watt with 2 Nite Vu LED Moonlights. Employing intense Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, these Mini Nano Aquariums come with two in-built cooling Fans to prevent the aquarium from getting heated up. The remote Electronic Ballast has a Disconnect Cable and a Return Nozzle to direct the flow output. With immense visual appeal, these Mini Nano Aquariums have smooth rounded corners and ample depth to keep rocks. The tanks come fitted with in-built 3-stage Filtration System for intense water skimming. The Mini Nano Aquariums employ Pump of 106 GPH. These Mini Nano Aquariums can be placed on JBJ Lighting 12 Gallon Nano Cube Cabinet Stand, S Stand Curve Stand.

Mini Nano Aquarium by Hagen Marina.
  • Hagen Marina Pirates Goldfish Starter Kit. Measuring 14.5"H x 12"W x 8"D, this Mini Nano Aquarium is meant for Goldfish beginners. This high quality Plastic tank has a capacity of 2.65 Gallons, in which you can keep a couple of Goldfish. The aquarium has a Mini Internal Filter, while 8 Silk Plants, Battle background theme, and Plastic Cutout reflecting a sunken ship are the other visual appeal enhancing accessories present in the tank. The kit also entails 2 fl. oz. NutraFin Goldfish Bowl Conditioner and 0.42 oz. NutraFin Max Goldfish Flake Food.
  • Hagen Marina Goldfish Kit, 6.7 L / 2.65 Gallon / 3.7 Gallon / 5.5 Gallon, UL, Purple / Orange, Small / Medium. Similar to the Goldfish Starter Kit, this Mini Nano Aquarium can be used for keeping other small fish (especially Guppies and Bettas) as well. This Mini Nano Aquarium also comes with 2.2lb / 1 Kg colorful gravel.
  • Hagen Marina Betta Pals Aquarium Kits, Purple / Burgundy / Green. This Mini Nano Aquarium Kit can host Betta Fish. Equipped with Gravel, Fish Food, Water Conditioner, and Plastic Plant, this Kit ensures a prefect, compact ambience to your fish.

  • Max Starter Kit by Red Sea. This Mini Nano Aquarium Kit is meant for Beginner Reef Aquarists. The Kit is equipped with Reef Substrate (10 Kg / 22 lb), consisting of Reef Sand Spheres (for thriving Bacterial Colony to facilitate Biological Filtration) and Aragonite Coral Chips (for stabilizing the aquarium pH). Coral Pro Salt (7kg/210liters, 15.4lb/55gal) is another inclusion in the Kit for supplying the vital Trace Minerals to the Corals for their sound growth, while also stabilizing the aquarium pH. The Hydrometer has in-built Thermometer to measure the Specific Gravity or Salinity level and Temperature, respectively, of the water. NitroBac Bio Starter (100 ml/3.4fl oz), is a mixture of five types of beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria for Biological Filtration of aquarium. To add to your further water quality parameter vigil, Marine Lab Master Test Lab are the included options. Test kits x 5 include pH/Alkalinity (100/60 tests), Ammonia (45 tests), Nitrite (80 tests), Nitrate (60 tests), and Success Buff supplement (25 ml trial bottle). Calcium Pro Test Lab (25 tests) is used to measure the quantity of vital element, Calcium, down to 20ppm, in the aquarium. Success Buff—pH & Alkalinity Stabilizer (100ml/3.4fl oz) contains buffering agents such as, Carbonates and Bicarbonates of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Boron, in natural seawater proportion. Calcium+3—Calcium & Trace Element Supplement (100 ml/3.4 fl oz) is a unique blend of 4 essential Reef Elements, Calcium, Strontium, Molybdenum, and Iodine, crucial for the growth of Corals and other Marine Invertebrates. MarineGro Food is a high quality Granular Fish Food, for Marine Pet Fish, which is a part of Kit.

    Mini Nano Aquariums by CPR Aquatic. These complete in themselves Mini Nano Aquariums are braced with their own Biological Filter Media, Bio-Bale, and a Pump. Nano Tank - 6 Gallon, Nano Tank with Canopy only, and Nano Tank with Canopy & Built-In Lighting are the options in the range.

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