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Nitrate RemoversNitrate Removers

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API Ammo-Carb 10oz Box


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Instant Ocean Natural Nitrate Reducer 250ml


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Seachem Flourish Nitrogen 250ml 8.5oz


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Seachem de*nitrate 500ml 17oz


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Seachem Flourish Trace 500ml 17oz


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Instant Ocean Natural Nitrate Reducer 500ml


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Seachem Flourish Potassium 500ml 17oz


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API Ammo-Carb 21oz carton


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Seachem de*nitrate 1L 34oz


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API Ammo-Carb 36oz carton


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Seachem de*nitrate 2L 67.6oz


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Seachem de*nitrate 250ml 8.5oz


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Nitrate Removers

An Aquarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, which encloses different type of life forms within its confines. It is therefore, important that the quality of water, its hygiene level, nutrition level, etc., all are at the desired level. Nitrate Removers are one such step towards the maintenance of an aquarium. Usually a support to Biological Filters, these Nitrate Removers hold beneficial Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacteria that help decompose harmful Nitrites & Ammonia, present in a tank.

Ammonia level in aquarium water gets high when its inmates release it as a toxic Metabolic Waste, or when it is generated for edible consumption, or when it is a by-product of the decomposition of Organic substances. The Nitrosomonas Bacteria, present in the aquarium, act on this toxic Ammonia to convert it into harmful Nitrite (NO2). Nitrobacter Bacteria then acts on this NO2 to further convert it to comparatively less toxic Nitrate (NO3). This whole process is called Nitrification.

Now, Nitrate Removers hold beneficial Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacteria in their fine granules. The fineness of these Nitrate Removers facilitates the large surface area and high contact time, resulting in optimal Denitrification of the system quickly. The Beneficial Bacteria, present in Nitrate Removers, pull the dissolved Ammonia & Nitrite to decompose them into simpler, relatively non-toxic substances. In effect, after processing, the Nitrate Removers leave the aquarium water cleaned, and aerated, for the benefit of life therein. Fresh Marine brings to you a wide range of quintessential and effective Nitrate Removers. The ensuing discussion deals with some bestsellers.

Nitrate Sponge by Kent Marine. This Nitrate Remover is actually a granular Zeolitic Filter Media which, adsorbs small quantity of Ammonia generated regularly by Fish and the other usual life processes, in aquarium water. In addition, owing to its porosity, the sponge allows Anaerobic Bacterial Denitrification to regulate the Nitrate levels in the aquarium. Because of low Nitrate levels in water, the frequency of aquarium water changes reduces. This Nitrate Remover Sponge can be added to Freshwater Aquariums or Tap Water to remove toxic Ammonia there only.

Nitrate Removers by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitra-Zorb. Meant for Freshwater Aquariums, this Nitrate Remover contains an optimal blend of natural and synthetic Ion-Exchange Resins, which helps clearing the aquarium water of Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate. This Phosphate free formula is contained in a flow-through pouch, which filters the water as it passes through the pouch. This Nitrate Remover can serve as a Filter Media in any Aquarium Filter, and can easily be recharged in a solution of warm Table Salt. Nitra-Zorb is especially helpful while setting up a new tank with low levels of Ammonia and Nitrite in it. Use Nitra-Zorb regularly in the new tank to help avert the Fish loss. Keep testing the aquarium water for Ammonia and Nitrite. If the results are positive despite the installation of Nitra-Zorb then, this suggests that the Nitrate Remover requires recharging. Nitra-Zorb is also very helpful during the phase when the Biological Filter of your aquarium is still in the process of setting up. Nitra-Zorb is safe for delicate fish and plants and does not alter pH, Hardness, Alkalinity, or Trace Elements such as Iron levels.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Ammo-Carb. This Nitrate Remover, meant for the aquariums housing Tropical Fishes, contains a highly Activated Carbon. This Filter Media can be employed in all Filter Cartridges to remove colors, odors, & poisonous waste from Fresh and Marine Aquariums.

  • De-nitrate by SeaChem. This Nitrate Remover is a highly porous Inorganic Solid with a Matrix surface area, which employs Anaerobic Denitrification to remove Nitrate from both, Marine and Freshwater Aquarium, while also controlling Nitrite and Ammonia present therein. De-nitrate does not require a Denitrifying Filter or any Culture Feedings. This Nitrate Remover effectively supports a Biological Filter.

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