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Pain & Ache Formula for PetPain & Ache Formula for Pet

Pain & Ache Formula for Pet

In most households, pets are more like a member of the family. As they are staying in an environment, which is not their natural habitat, adequate care has to be given to them for their health and well-being. Like humans, they suffer from various ailments from time to time. Despite good grooming, regular vaccination, and hygienic environment, it may happen that your pet experiences some painful moments, owing primarily to bumps with domestic items or an involuntary exposure to some disease carrying microorganisms. Sports Injuries, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Pain, Foot Pain, Tooth Ache, Cramps, and Insect Bites, are some other pain inducing factors for your pet.

In such situations, while the Immune System of the pet is perfectly capable of repairing the damage, it requires a little time to do so. In this interim duration, the pet suffers acute discomfort and pain. Especially during odd hours, when you are not in a position to reach your vet but wish to relieve the pain of your pet, you need something in your First Aid Kit to provide it instant relief. This is where Pain & Ache Formula for Pets comes into picture.

It is important to note that these pain & discomfort symptoms accentuate in the old age, because of the reduced efficiency of the Immune System due to the normal biological ageing process. Also, some maladies such as, Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Joint Dislocations, Scratches, and Cuts suffered in fights, are a constant source of pain to the pet and require time for healing. At times, these may cause such soreness that simple movements might become an ordeal for your pet. In such situations, Pain & Ache Formula for Pets relieves their acute pain and discomfort.

As might be obvious, it is not advisable to give human medication to pets. Human painkillers are a big no no for pets. For example, while Aspirin is considered the wonder drug for humans, it is not easily assimilated by a dog's Digestive System. It might give it some relief from pain, but then it might be too hard on its stomach. Also, since off-the-counter human drugs and their normal dosage is designed for an average human weight group, the same amount of drug might be too much for a pet, who weighs about ten percent of our standard weight. A proportional reduction may seem like an obvious solution, but your vet will tell you that it is not, because an animal's Metabolism rate is very different from that of ours. What is required in such painful situations is a Pain & Ache Formula for Pets, especially designed for their Anatomy and Metabolism, administered in right dosages, with a lot of love.

Fresh Marine recommends just the right solution for the relief of your pet, especially Dog, in the form of Pain & Ache Formula for Pets.

Dog Care Aches & Pains Formula Aspirin Free. Available in 50Tablets pack, this Pain & Ache Formula for Pets from Veterinarian's Best is the magic formula to alleviate your Dog's discomforts. This Aspirin free product, while being efficient, is also easy on your dog's Digestive System. Dog Care Pain & Ache Formula for Pets grants nutritional relief for Dogs suffering with Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Stiff Joints, and Dysplasia. The ingredients of this Pain & Ache Formula for Pets are White Willow Bark, Aspirin free Salicin, and Glucosamine. The Pain & Ache Formula for Pets comes in the form of Chewable Tablets that can be easily mixed with dog food for proper administration.

While picking a Pain & Ache Formula for Pets, make sure that it is mild, is non-toxic, and is fast acting.

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