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Hairball Removal TreatmentHairball Removal Treatment

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SENTRY Petromalt Natural Hairball 3oz


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Hairball Removal Treatment

Hairball is a ball like structure, resulting due to the accumulation of Hair or Fur in the stomach of animals such as, Cats and Rabbits. Hairballs are especially found in Cats, as they tend to groom themselves by licking their furs. In the process, the loose Hair on the Coat, pull out and reach their stomach through mouth. When consumed, the Hairballs accumulate in the Gastrointestinal Tract. Usually these animals vomit out the Hairballs, when they grow big. In some cases however, your pet may not be able to do so on its own and the Hairball stays in the body.

These Hairballs can be harmful for your petís health, and can cause Constipation, Straining during Bowel Movements, Dry Cough, Vomiting after meals, and rarely, even death due to Dehydration. Hairball Removal Treatment is the respite, the market offers for the Hairballs already present in the body. The treatment entails the course of a Hairball Removal Formula, which fragment the Hairball in the stomach for their easy elimination from the body, through stools.

Fresh Marine provides you with one of the best selections of Hairball Removal Treatments. The ensuing discussion tells you more about each of these Hairball Removal Treatment options. Letís take a look.

Hairball Removal Treatment by Virbac Ė Petromalt Series. Petromalt is a combination of Liquid Petroleum Emulsion and Malt Extract. This Hairball Removal Treatment Compound, offered by Vibrac, comes in Gel form. Petromalt acts as a Lubricant and a Laxative for pets. As mentioned above, the Petromalt Gels help in breaking up the Hairballs in your petís Stomach. Their regular use can prevent the formation of new ones.
  • Products. Petromalt Treatment for Cats (4.4oz); Petromalt for Cats (3.2oz - Pump Dispenser - for Cats over 4 weeks old); and Petromalt Tube for Rabbits (2oz).

  • Petromalt Fiber for Cats by St Jon. This Hair Removal Treatment formula is a powerful, Fiber rich blend of 95 % of Psyllium Seed Husks and 5% Barley Malt Extract Powder. The capsules are used as a replacement for Petromalt Gels. This simple and easy to use formula comes in a pack of 60 capsules of 500mg each. Just sprinkle the Hairball Removal Treatment Mix on the food of your pets and soon you will witness the results.

    Cat Lube Hairball & Digestive Aid Chewable Tablets by Natural Care. This Hairball Removal Treatment is a Herbal Formula, which lubricates the Digestive Tract of your Cat for the successful elimination of Hairballs from the body. In addition, the tablets help maintain a normal and healthy Digestive Tract.

    Laxatone Hairball Remedy from Tomlyn. This Hairball Removal Treatment helps remove the existing Hairballs in the body, while preventing the formation of the new ones. It comes in a 2.5oz pack.

    Apart from the Hairball Removal Treatment, you may also follow some precautions to reduce the frequency and the magnitude of the Hairball formation in your petsí Stomach. Regularly brush your petís Fur, so that the loose ones come out, and the quantity of Hair entering the body of your pets during self-grooming, reduces. Fiber rich food also helps in the Hairball Removal Treatment, by ensuring a smooth, and a regular Bowl Movement. Needless to add, that a Protein & Nutrients laden diet is necessary and is the fundamental of pet keeping.

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