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Phosphate RemoverPhosphate Remover

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Phosphate Remover

Phosphate is a naturally occurring element and is one of the basic building blocks of all the living cells, including some undesirable ones, such as, unwanted algae in an aquarium. Reef Aquariums house excessive Phosphate and Silicates, which may result in unsightly, and disturbing, prolific algal growth there. Phosphate also reduces the aquarium levels of Calcium and Magnesium, important elements for the growth of Corals. Therefore, it is crucial that the extra Phosphate is removed from the aquarium water to maintain its correct level, a process well executed with the help of Phosphate Removers. Fresh Marine offers various user friendly Phosphate Removers, which also remove Silicates, while some of them even clearing the wastes of fish metabolism and decaying organic matters, present in the tank. You may use these Phosphate Removers constantly or occasionally, as needed.

Phosphate Control by Blue Life. This Phosphate Remover successfully eliminates Phosphate from Salt Water as well as from Freshwater Aquariums, which in turn controls the growth of Hair Algae and other nuisance algae inside the aquarium. Moreover, this Phosphate Remover enhances the strength, color, and growth of all the inhabitants present in an aquarium. It comes in 1 oz. pack.

Phosphate Sponge by Kent Marine. This Phosphate Remover is a Ceramic medium, which adsorbs Phosphates or Silicates within hours of direct exposure to the water flow in a Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums, or Ponds. Phosphate Sponge does not release soluble Aluminum compounds into the aquarium, which negatively influences its inmates. In addition, this Phosphate Remover absorbs moisture to act as an Air Dryer for Ozone, while renewing repeatedly in this drying process. It comes in 1 Qt pack.

PhosGuard by Seachem. This Phosphate Remover competently removes Phosphates and Silicates, present in Marine or Freshwater Aquarium. With an extremely porous composition, PhosGuard is a bead-shaped product with a better capacity and an optimal flow. The Phosphate Remover does not release back the removed Phosphate, whether used regularly or occasionally. Overall, PhosGuard usage results in the reduced growth of Hair Algae and promotes the Coral growth. This comes in 250 ml and 1-liter packs.

Phos-Zorb by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. This Phosphate Remover eliminates Phosphate and Silicates present in Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums. In addition, it also removes the residues of fish metabolism and decaying organic matter. This Phosphate Remover does not affect pH and the Trace Elements levels in aquarium water. It comes in 5.25 oz. pack.

Phos Buster Pro by CaribSea. This Phosphate Remover chemically binds with Phosphate present in aquarium water, and precipitates it in the tank as an inert, stable, and insoluble compound, to be filtered out later. You may use Phos Buster as a part of monthly, preventive maintenance. It comes in 8 oz. pack.

Phosphate Remover by Tropical Science Biolabs.
  • Phosphate Filter Pads. These Phosphate Removers are non-chemical in composition and are therefore, safe for the use in aquariums. These user friendly Phosphate Filter Pads can be placed anywhere in the system, in any shape. They efficiently remove Phosphate and work good for the tank size up to 120 Gallons. These Reef safe Phosphate Filter Pads can be taken out of the aquarium after use.
  • Phosphate Algae Pads. These Reef safe Phosphate Removers can effectively remove Phosphate as well as Red Algae from any type of aquarium, fitted with Tropical Science Phosphate Filter. These Pads remove the extra Phosphate from the aquarium water, thereby stabilizing its level, that too without requiring any supporting Aquarium Water Additive for the purpose. In addition, it has a Red Algae Remover Powder for a safe removal of Red Cyanobacteria and Hair Algae, along with Sludge and other undesirable Debris.

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