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Ponds Filtration SystemPonds Filtration System

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PowerFalls Filter Spillway, From Laguna Pond


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PowerFlo 1000 Couplings, From Laguna Pond


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Rock Cover for PT1770/PT1774, From Laguna Pond


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SkimAway Filter, From Laguna Pond


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Skimmer Filter, From Laguna Pond


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Acurel Coarse Carbon Infused Media Pad


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Acurel Coarse Polyester Media Pad


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E.G. Danner Mfg Pond Mag2 Pump 250GPH


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Tetra Pond Skimmer


Tetra Water Garden Pump


Tetra Water Garden Pump


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Ponds Filtration System

Ponds are mini ecosystems in which, each of their constituents interacts with and depends on each other. It therefore becomes imperative to take good care of the pond, a task well achieved by the Ponds Filtration Systems. As the name suggests, a Ponds Filtration System rids the pond water of impurities resulting in the health and the well-being of the lives within it. A Ponds Filtration System removes dirt & impurities present in a pond by acting as a Sewage System. At Fresh Marine, we provide you with a broad spectrum of Ponds Filtration System to keep your ponds clean and clear. The ensuing discussion covers the Ponds Filtration Systems available with us. Lets take a look.

Ponds Filtration System by Laguna Ponds.
  • Laguna Ponds Skimmer Filter Pumps. Compatible with all Skimmer Filters and External Filters, these are high performance Waterfall Ponds Pumps, which skim the surface of water, thereby separating the dirt present on it. Driven with Italian Engineering and Magnetic Motor, these are low maintenance water cleaning solutions, which help in keeping the ponds clean & healthy for the lives in them. These Pond Filtration Systems are equipped with both, Biological & Chemical Filtering Media. The main features of these Ponds Filtration Systems include, three large capacity chambers having a handle for easy cleaning, a self-adjusting floating door, a winterizing & water drain facility, and solid construction with a strong lid. The options in the range are 2150GPH for ponds up to 4300USGallons and 2905USGPH suitable for ponds of up to 6000USGallons.

  • Laguna Ponds PowerFlo.
  • External Filter. It is a multi stage Biological Pond Filter, well suited for ponds with the capacity of 1000Gallons. It employs three tier filtering process for Mechanical & Biological Filtration. A Drain Plug & two Extra Outlets allow for waterfall and more equipment connection. The easy to maintain Ponds Filtration System is installed outside the pond for easy access.
  • Water Fall Filtration System. It is a high performance Waterfall Filter, ultimate in Water Management System, used for large ponds of up to 5000Gallons capacity. Capable of Chemical, Mechanical, and Biological Filtration, this Ponds Filtration System includes a Water Oxygenating Spray Bar.
  • Skimmer Filtration System. This Ponds Filtration System is used to manage water in the pond properly as it employs a high performance Skimmer Filter. Capable of efficiently handling large ponds of up to 5000Gallons, this system makes the water clear and healthy for the lives within it, while also making Water Gardening an enjoyable experience.

  • Laguna Ponds Powerfalls External Filter. This Filter Spillway Pond Filter is quite easy to use and can be fitted at the opening of a waterfall. Capable of both, Mechanical & Biological Filtration, this Ponds Filtration System can be used for both, small & medium sized ponds, up to 1000Gallons capacity.

    Rainbow Lifegard Complete Pond Filter System with UV by Pentair Aquatics. This Fountain & Filtration System, meant for Ponds & Water Gardens from 300Gallons up to 1500Gallons capacity, provides both, Mechanical & Biological Filtration, coupled with a 9watt UV Clarifier for keeping the pond clean. In addition, this easy to install Ponds Filtration System has a Fountain Head, which has four different patterns and a flow rate of 679GPH. Pond Clearchoice PF External Gravity Pond Filter by Tetra. This external gravity Ponds Filtration System extends all three types of Filtration, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological, for Koi Ponds and Water Gardens. The system includes 3 variants namely, PF-1 with a flow rate of 500 GPH for Koi Ponds up to 500Gallons & Water Gardens up to 1200Gallons capacity; PF-2 with a flow rate of 750 GPH for Koi Ponds up to 1000Gallons & Water Gardens up to 1800Gallons capacity; while PF-3 with a flow rate of 1000 GPH works well for Koi Ponds up to 1500Gallons & Water Gardens up to 2400 Gallons capacity. . This easy to install Ponds Filtration System is for outdoor use only.

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