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Rabbit Cage EnclosureRabbit Cage Enclosure

Rabbit Cage Enclosure

Rabbits make perfect pets. They are easy to house and care for. A pair of Rabbits is ideal. Housing is an important feature to be considered when keeping any pet. In the case of Rabbits, there are different housing options available in the form of Cages, Pens, and custom-built Enclosures to keep these active beings comfortable and safe. Let us skim through the basics to be kept in mind while setting up the Rabbit Cage Enclosures.

  • Size. A Rabbit Cage Enclosure should be large enough to provide ample space for movement. The tenet, the bigger the better goes well in this case.
  • Built of the Rabbit Cage Enclosure. It is best to have a wire mesh Rabbit Cage Enclosure with hinges on the roof, to give an easy access for cleaning. A solid walled cage does not provide sufficient ventilation. The mesh flooring can cause injury to the feet of your pet therefore the bottom may be covered with the layers of shredded newspapers, cloth, or hay.
  • Door. The situation and the size of the doors of your Rabbit Cage Enclosure should ensure that you are able to clean the cage properly. In addition, the Litter Box should fit or can be introduced in, as & when needed. In addition, see that the doors should not hurt your Rabbits or slam on them.
  • Insects Proof. Moreover, the Rabbit Cage Enclosure should be Mosquito & Flies proof, and should be sturdy enough, so that the predators are not able to get through the housing and get hold of your pets.
  • Rabbit Cage Enclosure Accessories. These include a Feeding Bowl, a Hay Rack, Bedding, Hideouts, a Feeding Bottle, some Toys, and the other items to make the Cage a happy place for your pet. You may use thick Ceramic Dishes for feeding your small pets, as they will be heavy and therefore sturdy with a stable equilibrium. A Litter Box is also a valid addition in the Rabbit Cage Enclosure for its feeding creatures. While selecting accessories for your Rabbit Cage Enclosure, take care to introduce the stuff that may not injure your small companions.

  • Fresh Marine, one of the best online pet shops, provides you with ideal Rabbit Cage Enclosures by Hagen. The ensuing discussion looks at these.

    Living World Rabbit Resort Starter Kit. This Rabbit Cage Enclosure Kit is designed for small and mid-sized Rabbits. The kit includes a Roomy Cage of the dimensions 100 x 52 x 45.5 cm, a Cabin within it, a Hay Rack, a Litter Box, a Feeding Bowl, a Bottle, a pack of Rabbit Food, and three flavors (Sticks, Veggies, & Drops) of Rabbit Treats.

    Living World Ex Large Rabbit Starter Kit. This fully-fledged Rabbit Cage Enclosure Kit for large Rabbits comes in a colorful Display Box and consists of an extra large collapsible Cage with Pine Shavings for its bedding, a Food Dish, a Feeding Bottle, a pack of Rabbit Food, and Rabbit Treats such as, Honey Sticks and Puffs.

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