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Respiratory Formula for PetRespiratory Formula for Pet

Respiratory Formula for Pet

Dental Care is an important part of a pet's hygiene. It not only includes a proper brushing of the Teeth, but also involves eating certain suitable edibles that take care of your pet's Teeth, that do not harm them, and that help keep your pet's breath fresh. However, despite all the precautions, there may be instances when your pet may develop dental problems that may affect its breath as well such as, Tartar. To overcome such conditions, we have Respiratory Formula for Pets.

Fresh Marine, one of the best online retailers for Pet products, brings to you a very effective Respiratory Formula for Pets by Nutri-vet. The following discussion talks in details about the product.

Breath and Tartar Biscuits for Dogs. This Respiratory Formula for Pets from Nutri-Vet has been developed by veterinarians to address Breath & Tartar concerns in a Dog. It includes Easter C, which is the most advanced form of Vitamin C available and helps in bolstering the Immune System. The Respiratory Formula for Pets is non-acidic and hence keeps the Stomach healthy. Breath and Tartar Biscuits with Mint and Parsley are especially formulated for faster absorption and the retention of vitamin C. Nutri-Vet's Breath and Tartar Biscuits come in a resalable package and hence they can be kept fresh for long periods. This Respiratory Formula for Pets is baked hard and crunchy to help encourage strong Teeth and healthy Gums. It cleans the Teeth and freshens up bad Breath as crunchy Biscuits massage the Gums and wear away the Tartar. The Respiratory Formula for Pets comes in a 19.5 oz (553 gm) bag. The number of biscuits that can be fed to a dog depends on its weight. If the dog is less than 25 lbs then it should be given 3 biscuits per day. Dogs in the weight range of 25-50 lbs should be given 4 biscuits per day, dogs in the weight range of 50-75 lbs should be given 5 biscuits per day, and dogs in range over 75 lbs need 6 biscuits per day. The ingredients of this Respiratory Formula for Pets include Wheat Flour, Soybean Meal, Meat, Bone Meal, Poultry Fat Wheat Germ Meal, DiCalcium Phosphate, Salt, Parsley Flakes, Fish Meal, Dried Skimmed Milk, Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles, and Malted Barley Flour.

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